Bumper Rewards 2012 , Blu Inc

It's Monday again!
Feeling the Monday blues? 
I know I am. Can't wait for the weekends again!

Last 2 weeks ago, Charlotte dragged me to 1Borneo to attend
the Blu Inc Bumper Rewards 2012 event.

Blu Inc is one of the companies who publishes magazines such as 
For every magazine we buy, we get a free goodie bag. 

 I bought 3 magazines and here are my 3 goodie bags!
What's inside the goodie bag?

Detergent , CLEAR Anti-dandruff shampoo, Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil ,
 Laurier Sanitary Pads, Scholl Shoe Spray,Care Purplelicious Condom, 
Burt's Bees Scrub, Maybelline Lip Balm, Blinc On Recycle Bag, 
OLAY Skin product, Sunsilk Shampoo and Marie France Bodyline vouchers.

Yes you heard me right! A condom in a goodie bag.
Charlotte and I laughed so hard when we found that in the goodie bag!
Well, better be safe than never right? 

Can't wait to try the lip balm and the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil.
Heard that both are really good products!


  1. Wow, that's a LOT of goodies from buying 3 magazines! :D I think condoms are pretty normal as freebies, especially for teenage magazines, lol

  2. wow so nice sumore got freebie with magazine! haha. now u dont need to buy condom ad. =p

  3. Wow..magazines with free freebies..err..condom?..lol

  4. its reli nice to give out condoms. but i still think its funny.


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