Cotton On Australia

Good day to y'all out there!
Yes I'm back once again with another post!
 Made a plan to blog at least once a week to keep
all of ya out there entertained.

As you can see from the title, yes I've been shopping online again.
This time I've tried shopping in Cotton On Australia.
Everything is so cheap and man I just love Cotton On!

 *click for better view*

  *click for better view*

Go to the top right corner of the page to change your region and currency.
Easiest way to shop with Cotton On!

  *click for better view*

For those who loves Sales,
you can either go to the "Women" section or "Sales" for cheap stuff!

  *click for better view*

 *click for better view*

Just look at how cheap everything is!
From bras, bikinis, tops, purse..etc.. you name it!

Got my sister to purchase some items for me since she's staying in Perth, Australia.
It took 1 - 2 weeks for the parcel to arrive and here's what
I bought from Cotton On Australia.

Lace Racerback Sports Bra, Body Lounge Track pants and 3 panties.

Thank you so much sis for the stuff!
You can read bout my previous purchase with Cotton On Malaysia here!
Will be posting up on Cotton On Singapore soon!


  1. The sales items on Cotton On's website is totally awesome, but the shipping fee is too much! >__< You're lucky to have a sis in Aussie. XD

    1. For me I thik the shipping is okay. =) you pay good money for good stuff and when I shop with Cotton On M'sia.. it took them less than 3 days to arrive! =) I'm very happy with m purchase!

      I think its more worth it to purchase some stuff with your friends so you guys can split the shipping fees. =)


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