Penang Trip (PBIM 2012) - Part I

Howdy y'all!
Just got back from Penang a week ago and been busy catching up with work and all. 
Sorry to keep y'all waiting! As promised, updates at least ONCE a week!

Why was I in Penang?
and also for a short vacation. It was heaven in Penang!
Food was cheap and malls everywhere. 

 (Day 1)

Left to Right : Roger, Helda, Zack and Joshua

Shawn (Another climber)

Breakfast in the airport.
Not really filling but that will do to keep us stuffed till we reach Penang.

Its a MUST read book!

Eeleen (Shawn's Gf) and Shawn

Presidential seat at the back of the car!

Depending on Waze throughout our whole journey and trip in Penang.

Co-Pilot : Roger

This is where we're staying and I must say..

Check out the room!
2 single beds and a huge bathroom
(approx. 500 sq.ft large) and air-conditioned!

5 days 4 nights only cost us each Rm188!
Yes you heard me, Rm188 for 5 days!
How cheap is that!?

Hunting for Penang's famous Assam Laksa!

Here we are at Balik Pulau.
Schorching hot day but nothing's gonna stop us from having our laksa!

Assam Laksa with Lemak (Rm3.50)

Just look at that!
How can you not be hungry??

This really caught our attention!
Zack slowed down the car just so I could snap a picture of this!

Nasi Ayam Meletup (Explosive Chicken Rice)

A glimpse of the Penang Bridge!

Juice Boost is like my favourite!
I ordered the Banana Buzz for only Rm8.90 for a huge cup!
Health junkie is my name!

The toilet cubicles for the Marathon.

Routes for all the pit stops.

Left to right : Roger (21km), Zack (21km) and Joshua (10km)

Me (21km) and Helda (10km)

After a looooong day of walking,
we head back to the hostel to freshen up and off for dinner!

Loh Bak (Rm3.50)
(Fried century eggs, pork , popiah and fish cake)

Chee Cheong Fun (Rm3.50)

Oyster Omelette (Rm4.00)

Loh Bak Gao (Rm.4.00)

After all that walking and eating, we went to Feringghi!
Here is where they have night markets and also all the cheap stuffs!

Fisherman pants (Rm35.00)

Could get this in Thailand for Rm15.

Oh by the way, look what I bought..
Bob Marley and Thief Printed Tshirt, Laser pointer, Zippo Lighter, Handmade pouch,
sunnies and loads of friendship bracelets.

I have this habit of buying sunnies from the places I've visited.
Total of sunnies I have so far are about 4 pairs.

This is my favourite! Zippo Zip lighter!
Like they all say "You never lose a Zippo lighter."

Loads more on Penang Trip post next week!