Penang Trip (PBIM 2012) - Part II

Hey hey hey! I'm back!
 Sorry for not updating last week as I was caught up with loads of stuff over the weekends.

As you can see from my previous post,
I flew to Penang about a month ago for a marathon.
Here's part II of my trip!

(Day 2)
Woke up early on the 2nd day as Zack planned a trip for us to drive down to Ipoh!
 Never been to Ipoh so yippee me!

Beautiful Penang bridge

Here we're at Foh San, Ipoh.
Just found out that Zack's aunt owns this place.

Had a really huge lunch that day!
When we checked the bill it was over RM180++
for everything we ate and it was all paid for!

 Siew Mai

 Har Gao

Fish Balls 
(Size of a golf ball)

 Charcoal Pau with Yam Filling

 Zack enjoying his pau!

 Lo Mai Gai
(aka Glutinous Rice)

 When I saw this, I was itchin' and twitchin' to climb!

 Wantan Soup


 Mango Pudding

Cant remember what this is..

Don't know the name but it has milk and ginger in it..

 This wasn't really my favourite cause I'm not a fan of ginger.

After that major feast we had, Zack took us to visit the temples.
Funny story how we ended up at this temple.

 This is what we all called this temple..
"The WRONG temple".

Shawn callled saying they arrived but didn't see us.
Then Zack told him we were at this temple but then Shawn said we were at the wrong temple!
But we took a look around before leaving..

The temple we were suppose to visit was way further in from where we parked!
So we got in the car and drove again and FINALLY..
"The RIGHT temple".

 Check out the walls.. Climbable walls!!

 Roger aka Mario!

Poor tortoise died.
The one in the middle died and was covered with flies.

Torty and torty Jr!

Forever alone Torty

 The KFCs in Ipoh have a drive through!
How awesome is that?

The first thing that came into my mind was ..
"Man Utd Food Court".

 Bubur Cha Cha 

 Red Bean with Sesame

Dont know what this is called but really yummy!

(aka Hulk Balls according to the gang..)

 Wintermelon with Longan cooling drink

After a short break, we headed back to Penang to do some quick shopping!
We went to Prangis mall and also 1st Avenue.
Grabbed a quick bite from Subway!

 Honey Oats with Turkey & Chicken Slices (6 inch long) (Rm 11.50)
(filled with lettuce,red onions and loads of honey mustard and BBQ sauce!)

Here's a picture of what I bought!
White sneakers (Rm 29),  Cuffed edge Collar Top (Rm25),
Red and Navy Blue skort (Rm 19 each), Black cardigan (Rm 29)
and Cotton On running shorts with tights (Rm 69).

3 Sylvia Day books from first day's shopping!

PBIM 2012 Race kit

Just when I was about to get started on my reading in my room,
I got a call from Zack saying we're gonna take a stroll around town.

We came across this place called "Church Street Pier"
and when we look at the poster below it we all laughed really hard!

 We didn't stay at all cause' the place was so deserted..
Really nice place but really empty..

Drove further down and saw this place which I thought said "Bieber House".
Then found out it was Bier House.

 Chilled at a nice bar outside a hotel until it started pouring..
The lightning was so loud that it sounded like it was less than 1km away from us!

The guy in grey jumped and nearly fell off his chair
 when he heard the lightning strike!

Nothing much for day 2.
Its more of a chill out day for us and we crashed early
as we had a long day coming for us on day 3!
Part III next week as well as my experience during the marathon!


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