DIY : Earphones Cable Deco (How to keep your cables untangled)

Hey hey hey!
Don't you guys hate it every single time when you need to use
your earphones but the cables get all tangled up?

Well, I hate it the most!
I need my earphones whenever I go for my run and climb
and it takes FOREVER to get them untangled.

So, I found a way to keep them untangled
and also to prettify (Not sure if thats a word) em'!

Yeah I know it looks nice right?

I got inspired by the picture and link below :
*Image source from Refinery 29*

Well, here's what you need :

Just follow these simple steps below..

(I had to continue step 6 the next day as it was getting late when I doing this..)

Hope these steps were helpful!

Love how it looks brand new after wrapping them with themcolourful yarns!
I got so many compliments from doing this and some of my friends can't wait to try this out!


  1. Wow, this DIY project looks fun, and the results are awesome! :D
    Happy New Year, Bev! ^^

  2. Omg it's nice! And you're so patient to do this haha

  3. Thank you for the tutorial! :)



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