Penang Trip (PBIM 2012) - Part III

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope everyone had an awesome time during NYE!
I'm back with Part III of my Penang Trip.
You can read about Part I and Part II in case you've missed out!

(Day 3)

Zack planned to take us for the famous Penang Heritage Walk
in search for the best Chendol and also for the famous street art/graffiti/murals.

Saw this really old school parking meter and I just had to take a picture of it!
I only see these things on the tv but not in person and finally I get to see one! 

 Always wanted to ride a beca but didn't get a chance to.
Oh well..Maybe next time..


 If you do get a chance to drop by the Chocolate Boutique, 
you have to buy the Honey Lemon Tea! These are really delicious and refreshing!

 Just mix one sachet of the Honey Lemon Tea powder, 100ml of hot water and then 
200ml of cold water. Best when its served chilled!

 Here's Zack scouting for the Chendol place!

 Nice rides!

 Another KK LUV sticker!

 HUGE police station.

 Finally found the Chendol place!
Took us one hour to find this.

Teochew Chendol (Rm2.00)

 Helda and Joshua

People are willing to queue up just for the Chendol!

 Click to view the name of the street in case you're wondering 
where this Chendol place is!

This really caught our attention!
Couldn't stop laughing when we saw this! 

 Guess which one of the Lion statue is a male?

 Clue : Look under the lion statues!

 Can you see it?

 Passion Green Tea with Coconut Cubes (Regular)(Rm4.70)
Really refreshing!

 The famous "Kids on the bicycle" art

 Another famous piece of art!

 Strawberry, Papaya and Banana Yoghurt (Rm6.80)

So happen to come across a lane named "Lorong Angus".
Zack has another name which is Agus Susanto. He had to cover the "N". 
He claims that he is partly an Indonesian. 

I should be a wedding photographer

 Reggae Hotel


 Bribing the cop

 This was my favourite one!
Simple but unique!

 Spotted another KK LUV sticker!


Before we left, we had to take this picture!
Had so much fun and our feet were really sore and tired after 10 hours of walking!!
It was time for us to head back for dinner and also to get some shut eye.
Marathon starts in less than 5 hours!

(Day 4)

After only 3 hours of sleep after our crazy adventures from day 3
and also got back late to our crib..

Finally! PBIM 2012 has arrived and we were all so nervous
and seriously friggin' tired and sleepy but we were so psyched bout the run!

Left to right : Zack, Melissa, Roger and Me
The 21km (Half Marathon) participants.

 Manage to snap a few pics on the Penang Bridge.

After the run ended, Zack's sister decided to drop by and say hi!

Left to Right : Zack's sister ( I forgot her name), Melissa, Me and Helda.

They even had a free photoshoot before and after the run!

Picture credits to Allianz Malaysia.
This was taken before the run!

Picture credits to Titan Watches Malaysia 
And this one was after the run!

After the run, while waiting for the others..
I sat on the grass and fell asleep for a good 10 minutes. 
Mel and Joshua fell asleep on the mall floor.

Once we arrived back at our crib..we just completely knocked out..
Recuperated for a good 6 - 7 hours (12pm - 6.30pm).
Head out for our victory dinner at Restoran Hameed!

Zack and Roger had been dying to try out the famous Sup Torpedo .
Found the place and BOY the food was AWESOME!!
(or maybe we were just kick ass hungry)

 Sup Ayam served with Bread

 Roger enjoying his Sup Torpedo!

Naan set (Chicken with cheese Naan) (Rm4.50) 
(Served with cheese, red onions, chicken curry, mint sauce and sweet sauce)

After dinner, Zack's friend brought us to Straits Quay.

The rich kid's playground!
Here is where the rich ones park their toys (yatch) as well as drink and stay! 
They even have an area where they have their own bungalow!

 Beautiful lights

 Enjoying the view 

 Finally got a chance to visit the famous bar, "The Library".
Heard so much about this place and I so love the concept!

 Encyclopedia menu

They had so many drinks and some of the drinks had really funny names!

Eiffel Beer Tower

Roger enjoying his HUGE Hoegarden

Very safe Sex on the Beach (Rm15)

My drink for the night. Non-alcoholic drink but a glass
of refreshing mix berry fruit juice.

Quite dark and the light was really purple in the bar so yeah 
sorry about the photo! 

Had the best time in Penang with the gang and I can't wait 
for my next trip again this coming November! 
This year, we'll be running on the new Penang Bridge!

For those who are interested in participating for PBIM 2013 this year, 
click here to find out more!

(Picture credits to Zack)


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