Coffee Talk

Had a little coffee talk with the girls after our Kopi Ping Cafe food review last week!
It's been a really long time since we sat down and just catch up.

Before heading over to Starbucks in Suria, Meitzeu, Charlotte and I
decided to drop by my cousin's camera shop cause' Meitzeu had to get a memory card.
After buying her memory card, I got a little gift from my cousin!

She gave me this Clean Z Screen Cleaner saying I was the 200th person
to "Like" their facebook page! Lucky me! I was eyeing on it earlier but decided
to come back to get it a little later but instead I got it as a gift!

Then while catching up, we had a little gift exchange session since
Meitzeu just got back from her Indonesian trip and also me from my Thailand trip!

I got this lovely handmade keychain with my name on it and a really beautiful cuff!
Thank you so much Meitzeu for the gifts again!


  1. hehe :D Glad you love the cuff and handmade keychain! :D

    Coffee talk! muahaha


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