Kopi Ping Cafe, Damai, Kota Kinabalu

Last week,
 5 bloggers,Charlotte,Meitzeu,Chloe, Margaret including myself 
were invited for a food review at the ever popular
Kopi Ping Cafe in Damai. A little girl bonding moment for us.

FYI, they have WiFi in Kopi Ping Cafe.
For all my muslim friends out there, don't worry about the food.
They don't serve pork there.

 Here we have Meitzeu and Chloe.
Yes they are sisters just in case you're wondering.

Kopi Ping (Rm2.50)

This is my all time favourite coffee!
Not too creamy or too thick but just nice!
Its one of our locally made coffee in a bottle.

Teh C Special (Rm3.50)

I like how this Teh C Special is not too sweet
and it goes really well with the grass jelly!

Red Bean Milk (Rm3.00)

I always..I repeat..ALWAYS order this when I'm in Kopi Ping Cafe.
I love red beans and also creamy drinks and this is just my perfect kind of drink!

They have been featured on Groupon for their amazing deals!

 Left to right : Meitzeu, Chloe, Charlotte and Margaret

On with the food!
Fish Sauce Mee Hoon Seafood (Rm8.00)

This is Kopi Ping's signature dish and I personally love this dish!
I like how they have the little chilli padi fried together with the mee hoon!
 For those who don't like it spicy, you can just request for a non-spicy one.

Leaf Noodle (Rm2.00)

Some of my friends order this together with the Chicken Curry.
They said it goes well together but I have yet to try it.
Will try it our real soon!

 Tauhu aka Tofu/Beancurd (Rm1.50 per pc)

 KP Roasted Wings (2pcs) (Rm4.40)

 Seafood Tom Yum

I love how spicy this Tom Yum soup is!
Not too creamy and not too spicy and I love how much beansprouts they have inside!

 BBQ Chicken Rice (8.50)

Beef Noodle (Rm8.00)

I love how the beef is not too hard to chew and the taste is just YUM!
You just have to try it for yourself!

 This place is always packed whether its in the day or night.

 Left to right : Dean, Connie and Angel

They are the people who keeps this place up and running.
Really friendly and happy people!

 Meitzeu playing around with the namecards!

Our little toys for work!
Well, not really work but you get my point.

Last but not least..
 Ice Cream Waffles

Who doesn't like waffles?
 It goes really well with vanilla ice cream!
Don't believe me, go to Kopi Ping Cafe and try one.

 Left to right : Me, Margaret, Connie, Meitzeu, Chloe,Charlotte and Dean

The ladies!

(*Picture credits to Kopi Ping Cafe*)

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Will be blogging on my Thailand trip soon!
Be sure to stay tuned..


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