Borneo International Marathon 2013 (BIM), Likas Sports Complex, Kota Kinabalu

Hey y'all!
Sorry for the short hiatus! Been busy training for BIM 2013 marathon.
Been injured and wounded for a while but I'm back!

Previously, the marathon was supposed to be on 5th May 2013 but due to the election
the marathon had to be postponed. Everyone who bought their tickets and trained
for months were really upset,frustrated and disappointed including myself.

Months after...
Finally, the dates have been announced which was on 25th August 2013.
It was a surprise to me because it was just a few days before my birthday which
gives me a reason to work out and lose weight before pigging out again.

Got my race pack, BIB number pinned up and everything prepared for the run!
FYI, I signed up for the Half Marathon (21km) run this year. 
It was a bet I made with my friends from last year's marathon.

 Looking back at all my medals from BIM and PBIM (Penang Bridge International Marathon).
Been running in a marathon since year 2009! How time flies!
(You can read about my previous BIM runs here and here)

Realised that I've come so far and achieved so much, pushed my limits 
and also did so many unexpected things!

 Bought new pair of running shorts for the run and also finally able to use the Fitness Pouch 
to keep my money and phone during the run! I love my BIB number for this year!


Woke up really early for the run and all warmed up with the gang before the run! 
Have to really thank the guys for motivating me all these while to sign up for the half marathon.
Need to prove to myself that I can go beyond just 10km.

*Click for better view*

*click for better view*

This is the map via Runkeeper for the half marathon run. 
During the run, seeing the sign "Water/Aid Station, 100metres" 
was like a kid seeing a candy store for the first time.
 Happiest time of my life!

Going up and down the hill in UMS (University Malaysia Sabah) was the hardest
part for us runners as the hills were REALLY steep that majority of us had to walk up
instead of running up. Knees were really in so much pain going down the hill
but I manage to push through all the pain and sweat to finally make it back to the finish line!

The best part is I MANAGED TO HIT A SUB 3HOURS for my run!
That was my target for this year and I was at a point of giving up cause' 
of all the pain on my chest, calves, knees and blisters on my toes but I did it!
 Came back limping but it was so worth it! Like seriously zombie limping!

 Left to Right : Ken, Me, Danielle, Jim, Shawn and Zack

As you can see our BIB numbers are in different colours.
Green stands for the 10km category and  for Red is the 21km category.
Proud to be a part of this group! 

 Another thing is, everyone in this photo are climbers!
Everyone started out climbing only but with a bit of faith and motivation, 
we all started to run and we enjoyed it. Just sad that most of the other climbers
couldn't make it for the run cause' most of them had plans and the marathon date clashed with their dates.

So proud of Danielle and Jim for doing their first 10km run and completing it too!
Roy, Dean, Thompson and other climbers also did their first 10km run this year
and I'm really proud of everyone for completing the run! 

 Finally got a chance to snap a picture with Mas who did well in her run!
Love the short hair Massy! Feels a lot lighter running now right? xD

 Another finisher's medal to add into the collection!

NOW, how well did I do?
Results were out 3 days after the run and this was my result :

*Click for better view*

*Click for better view*

I seriously couldn't believe my eyes when I clicked open the
  Borneo Marathon page and viewed my results.

Top 100 again this year but for a different category and I'm really proud of myself!
No words could express how I feel finally able to push myself to my best!
I just need to do more training and push harder to do better for next year.

For more on the Borneo International Marathon , click here!
Do "Like" their page too!

Just want to say:

Oh by the way, it's my birthday today!


  1. Keep it up!! Not my best time due to sickness but I'll improve next month for KL marathon and pray hard that I would recover. Neways, mo improve your HM next year or up level pigi FM ni hehee

    Happy birthday!!


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