Volkswagen Type 2 aka Kombi

A few weeks ago, 
My friend, Suchen, drove his Volkswagen Kombi (VW 1973 Classic) 
to SICC and I was so excited that I finally had the chance to check out his car! 
I'm a huge fan of VW cause' of its unique and cute designs for their cars!

*Image source from Wikipedia*

 Isn't she a beauty?
The guy with dreadlocks in the photo is Suchen!

I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the back cause' it was in a mess 
so yeah having the privilege to explore his car was like a dream!
 Always wanted to own a VW Beetles or Kombi! 

You guys can check out Suchen's photography gallery!
He is an amazing photographer!

This VW Kombi is also for rent if anyone is interested!
Just contact Suchen at +6012 7777 282 
check out for more info!