Kuching Trip 2014

***Warning! Massive photo upload***

I'm back from my holidays!
Hope everyone had a good Chinese New Year winning some moolah.
I lost but its okay! All good!

Last year, 
Roy and I were discussing on our next Kuching trip just among ourselves
but in the end 11 people in total joined us for this trip. A 5D4N trip.
 It was really awesome!

A month ago, we were in Kuching and boy it was good to be back.
I missed all the cheap and yummy food and of course, BATMAN WALL!!
Packed the day before and I thought I overpacked but I didn't.

 (Day 1)

As usual, camwhoring before our flight!

We rented 3 cars this time as Vince's side needed 2 cars.
We also managed to crash at a friend's guesthouse which was INSANELY awesome.
Why? Because it was smack in the center of town right next to one of Kuching's Cat statues.
Okie, that's not the cool part.

The coolest part is we're staying right above McDonalds!
Ground floor was McDonalds, 1st and 2nd floor were all reflexology places!
Tell me how cool is that!

Happy boys once we touched down in Kuching!

Anyways, once we touched down in Kuching, it was already 10am.
Searched for our crib and our way around it was 12pm.
Roy and I went food hunting once we settled our accomodations.
We had our breakfast with another climber, Max at 5.30am before our flight.

Pandan Chicken Rice 

This was pretty good according to Roy.
Might try this if we do go back to Kuching again.

Nasi Goreng Mummy

Simple fried rice with shallots, fried chicken bits, chopped long beans and chilli padi.
The best part of the dish was the sambal! YUM!

After our grub, we headed out to look for a friend's climbing shop which was located
near City One Mall. Dropped by to get ourselves "The Squid"!

This place may be small but really cosy!

"The Squid"

A very important tool for climbing ESPECIALLY in Fairy Cave.
Its for clipping and unclipping the ropes or quickdraws.

Awesome hang boards for training.
I will own them soon!

The rest of the climbers arrived at 10pm and we crashed early
for our early climb the next day.

(Day 2)

Woke up at 7am and had a quick bite then off we go!
Its always fun to bring new climbers to climb in Batman Wall, Fairy Cave.
The reactions upon seeing the wall were priceless!

Yes..like that!

L-R : Stephanie, Max and Derrick

The Petronas gang joined us for this trip and they had such a good time!
Its always fun having them around. The more the merrier right?

Our ride!

The Squid in action!

Yeap..that's how u do it.
 If you don't have that sh*t, you ain't climbin' no where mang!

Me attempting 999 route, 5C+ grade again this year.
Nailed it!

Derrick's huge painful bruise from his attempt on 999 route.
Did his best and almost completed this climb but decided to continue the next day!

(Day 3)

Left the guesthouse early all psyched for another day of climbing.
Just when we were about to leave, we had a little problem with the car.
The car wouldn't start and then found out the brakes had problems too!
Called up the agent and he said there were no other cars available at all.

Searched for a cable to jumpstart the car but no cables in ALL 3 cars we rented.
We all sat in McDonalds to figure out something when a nice guy from the next table
decided to give us a hand to jumpstart the car. As I was told, the battery was brand new.
I was quite pissed off how could this happen to a new battery!
(Lights and everything were switched off the night before)

So yeah, once that was done, OFF WE GO!
To the BAT CAVE!

Vince took this and I don't even know who was climbing.

Me and the man, Roy!

When you see it..

Vince and his group were also there climbing with us and decided to record their climbs.

Love this shot I took!

Max doing the Spiderman!

Dave and his group drove all the way from Brunei to join us.
Its been a while since we've all climbed together.

Those scratches were proof of how sharp the rocks were.
Limestones just for your info.

We were so tired after a whole day of climbing and I remembered sleeping in the car
all the way back to the guesthouse! Crashed super early too!

(Day 4)

Kolo Mee (RM3.00)

You don't find that price for Kolo Mee in KK or KL.
No way!

Moving on,
Max and the rest decided to try out the Tiger wall.
FYI, it was raining EVERY SINGLE DAY during our trip in Kuching.
Max tore his pants while climbing which was really funny cause' none of us had that problem before!
What sucked was when we were just about to lay the canvas on the ground,
IT STARTED RAINING! So we came back to Batman Wall to climb.

Meditation before climbing

Roy on the Baby Wall

Attempting Happy Feet route , 6C grade.

Other climbers were there to climb on that very same day and we decided to take
a group photo before leaving.

L-R : Aunty Eunice, Me, Malcolm, Melchizedeck and Roy

A small group photo with the Jitam Family as they always welcome us
with open arms and hearts every single time we visit Kuching to climb!

The 3 Climbers

Our little group photo with the owner of the Guesthouse, Noh.

Malcolm invited us for a big dinner over at this place called Top Spot.
Lovely open air food court with really cheap seafood and drinks!

Mixed Mushrooms 

Homemade Tofu with Crab Sticks and Oyster Sauce

Decided to walk along the waterfront to see what's going on  in the night life in Kuching Town.
Loving the peaceful enviroment!

Bright and sparkly fiber obtic cables!

Chilling in a place called James Brooke Bistro & Cafe.

We were all discussing saying we just have to take a picture with the cat statues
and WE DID! We all purposely acted like tourists!

We played pictionary once we got back. Max brought it along for this trip.
Funniest game ever especially when you pair up with someone who can't draw!

 Object : Oxygen Tank

L-R : Mascara (Object), Lobster (Animals) and Puppy (Animals)

I remembered laughing so hard until we sat on the floor
with tears in our eyes. Its definitely on my MUST BUY list.

(Day 5)

Woke up early to drop the Petronas gang off at the airport.
Most of our flights were in the afternoon. Once we dropped them off,
we went off to scout for some Kuching Laksa! Yum!

Kuching Laksa Special (Rm5.50)

I just realised that in Kuching,
they say special for medium size portion and super special for large!
I'm not quite sure if everywhere in Kuching is the same but at C21 food court that's how they call it!
It was good to have some laksa before we left. I'm already missing it!

(Photo credits to Roy, Vince,Derrick, Stephanie and Max)

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you can just drop me an email : unagi_jin@hotmail.com