Product Review : Bag Of Love (January 2014 Edition)

Hey y'all!
Man, this post is so way overdue!
I'm sure many of you guys heard of Beauty Boxes and etc..
Well, there is this one beauty box that comes in a bag which they call it Bag Of Love.

Products and samples will be in a bag instead of a box.
What I love the most is that the bags I received are really pretty and perfect for almost every occasion!

*click for better view*

*click for better view*

For those who are from Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia),
You can email them before making your subscriptions. 

*click for better view*

Look how cute the bag is! 

*click for better view*

They even have a Special Edition Bag category which I really love!
Be sure to check out that section.

THEN my parcel arrived..

Mr.Unicorn loves my bag!

Uber-Men All-in-One Cleanser, King Of Mask Series All-in-One Collagen Mask,
ALQVIMIA Body Oil, Etude House After Sun Wonder Pore Set 
& Wella Hair Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner.


I'm not a huge fan of Body Oil but I read some reviews that these are good stuff!
I usually prefer to do it the old school way which is by working out!
I might include this in my upcoming giveaway since I don't use it at all.

Uber-Men All-in-One Cleanser

Its really cool that the Bag Of Love included something for the men as well!
I'm gonna let my brother try this out and see what he thinks about it.

King Of Mask Series All-in-One Collagen Mask

Just perfect if you had a long day or week and you slap on a face mask.
I hardly use collagen mask but I'm dying to try it out soon.

Usually I use moisturising and repair mask because my skin is usually really dry and tanned
so I need something to moisturise my face.

Wella Hair Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

I've used Wella's Hair Repairing Treatment Wax before and it works wonders for me.
So happy when I got the shampoo and conditioner in the bag!
Saved loads of my moolah from buying hair products for now.

Etude House After Sun Wonder Pore Set

Love the cute packaging by Etude House!
That's the first thing that caught my attention when I opened up the bag.
Can't wait to give this a try!

You can get your very own Bag Of Love here!

p/s : Giveaway coming up soon!
Sorry for the delay..swarm with things to settle at the moment.


  1. Dear Beverly,

    Mr Unicorn is so cute!!! And the Pore set from Etude House looks so attractive! Waiting for the review from you^^


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