DIY : Healthy Tortilla Wrap

Hey hey hey!
As promised, I'm back with another food DIY!
Besides making the Overnight Oats for my weekly meal prep,
I'm gonna be showing you one of my favourite thing to make and its perfect for all occasion. Whether it be for breakfast,lunch,dinner,supper or even a snack. 

So here's what you need :

Tortilla Wraps
Turkey Ham (Any ham of your choice)
Cherry Tomatoes (Regular tomatoes are fine too)
Cheddar Cheese (Any cheese of your choice)

Note : I grilled the Turkey hams and grated some Cheddar Cheese before I start wrapping everything.

First, lay out your tortilla wrap.

Then, start placing your lettuce followed by the turkey ham,
eggs, cherry tomatoes, onions and then lastly some grated cheddar cheese!
Be sure to not put in too much or else you might have a hard time wrapping it.

After that, fold the wrap according to the numbers labelled in the picture above.
To secure the wrap, I used a toothpick and poked in right in the center of the wrap to keep it folded and YOU'RE DONE!

That was pretty simple right!
You can change the recipe to suit your diet or you can just follow my recipe to make things easier. You can eat this anytime and the best part is you can eat this hot or cold!
Just pop it into the fridge (not the freezer) and keep it chill if you don't plan to finish everything at once.

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle and remember to leave  comment below if you'd like to see more healthy recipes from me! I will do my best to search for the most easiest and healthiest recipe for you guys.


  1. So healthy! And this is perfect for lunchbox too!

    1. Yes it is! I always grab one and keep it in my bag before heading out in case I need a snack or smth. =)


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