Out with the old and in with the new

Hey y'all!
As you can see my blog is looking a little different again.
Just decided to give it a new look for this year and so far I'm loving the new layout.

Old Template

I love the white background so I decided to keep it.
It makes it look a lot more simple and clean and not forgetting the post layout position.
Decided to center it instead of putting it on the left, making it easier to read and scroll.
Made it slightly wider as well so it looks neat.

New Template

Picked a soft and light theme for the blog and managed to get a friend of mine to fix the photo problems as well as to fix a few settings that didn't work previously such as the reply button. The photos previously were all blur but thanks to my friend its finally fixed!

For those who commented before and didn't get a reply from me, firstly I apologize and know you know why I couldn't reply you guys. The reply button just wouldn't work previously but now its all good! Preparing for a lot of new post so stay tuned and have a great week ahead!