Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year everyone!
Sorry for not updating as much. 
Been really busy with work and was sick over the holidays but I'm back now!
As most of you know, I have started a Youtube channel and I'm gonna try my best to keep
both platforms active as one of my new year resolutions. 

I recently did an unboxing video on what I got for Christmas 
and also hauls I got from Hermo Malaysia. 

You guys can check out the unboxing video here!

Just want to say thank you again to everyone for the presents , to those who also texted,
commented and called to wish me Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I would also like to say Happy New Year 2018 everyone and may your year be filled with happiness and good health!
I promise to bring you guys more exciting and interesting contents for all my social media platforms.

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I have come a long way with my blog since 2008 and I would like to thank everyone
for the love and support that you guys have given to me. I never knew that many of you out there are reading my blogs,
leaving really nice comments, emailing me the sweetest things as well as being a part of my life.
I will do my best to make my blog and other social media platforms much more interesting for you guys!