Pantai Restaurant & Bar | Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa, Gaya Island (Kota Kinabalu)

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Weeks ago,
a bunch of us bloggers were invited for another round of review and this time its with my all time favourite,
Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa in Gaya Island!
We were invited to review their newly refurbished restaurant and I can't wait to see the place!
Its been a while since we last visited an island and what perfect way to spend the weekends is to spend it with
my friends soaking up the rays and enjoying the yummy food!

So before heading off to the islands, you need to stop by Jesselton Point jetty 
to get registered with the tour company that will provide you a return way boat ride and also to get geared up for the ride. 

We were lucky that the weather was really bright and sunny that day but just a little cloudy.
We head over to the Bunga Raya reception counter and got ourselves registered.
We left the jetty at 10.30am along with some other tourists.

A trio photo of us is a must!

Boat ride to Bunga Raya took about 20 minutes and waves were 
a little choppy but nothing really bad.

Upon arrival, 
we were greeted by a really majestic view of greenery around us as well as clear blue waters and skies. 
I really miss the sound of the waves and sand in between my toes as well as the heat from the sun. 

We were greeted by Mr.Thomas Anderson, 
who is the GM or Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa and also Gayana Eco Resort. 
We meet him years ago and we love what he did with the place. 
It looks amazing! You can read about our previous review here.

So this is the newly refurbished restaurant, Pantai Restaurant and Bar.
Loving the turquoise brownish theme going on there!
It has such a calming vibe going on here and also love how much greenery there are
surrounding the restaurant and bar. 

Actually there was one thing that I noticed when I was walking towards the restaurant, it was the mirrored ceiling.
I just found out that it was designed this way so that the mirror would reflect nature and bringing it
into the restaurant making it look more green and more relaxing.
Love the concept!

After a quick briefing and welcome drink by Mr.Thomas, 
We were brought to see the private villas and I still love how it looks!

The interior and the setup is just lovely!

Every room has a private jacuzzi in it and I really love how they provide 
this facility to complete the room.

And I love the rain shower!

I love it when a bathroom has 2 sinks!

Mini outdoor pool for every villa as well overlooking the beach.
Awesome view!

You could just easily get changed and walk out to the beach for a tan or just to relax.

The famous Infinity Pool!
Never get sick of this view. Simply beautiful!

This is the famous Koi Restaurant!
They also switched up the themes in here if you read my previous review on this place!
Looks a lot different from before but still loving the vibe here!

You could sit here and enjoy your meal if you don't feel like sitting in the restaurant.

Jumbo Wine!

As we were told that there was a reason to this grill being here in the wine cellar.
Apparently, beyond the grill, this is where they keep all the most expensive and most rarest wine. 

These are collections of really old Armagnac ranging from 1940s to 1970s.

This was the oldest Armagnac that was in the wine cellar and its from 1946.
Not sure how it taste like but I'm pretty sure it taste...old. 

This award is basically like a Michelin star and Bunga Raya has received more than 5 of these awards.
Bravo Bunga Raya!

After everything,
we head back to Pantai Restaurant and Bar for lunch.
I know I was starving and also excited to see what they prepared for us this time.

Homemade Sour Dough Bread and not sure bout the white bread slice but it was really good!
Slightly salted served with some butter and the taste was just really good for just a simple starter for us before the entrée. 

Seared Hokkaido Scallops with Bell Pepper Coulis.

I didn't try this because I am allergic to shellfish so I gave it to Meitzeu instead.
Scallops were the size of ping pong balls and they were huge!
Love the presentation on the plate!

Strawberry Sorbet

I really love this! 
At first I was thinking, why are we served ice cream so early.
Then I looked at the menu, it was a refresher. 
Apparently, this is for you to enjoy while it helps to cleanse the pallet so you can enjoy
the main courses.

Grass fed Tenderloin served with Asparagus, Paris mushrooms, French Foie Gras & Red Wine Beef Jus

This was Meitzeu's dish. We were given a choice to pick either the beef or the fish.
I really love how tender the beef was.
I'm usually not a fan of bloody meat but this was done medium rare and I was pretty fine with it!
The sauce for this was so good! 
I love red wine and I love how the red wine sauce goes so well with this dish!

Pan Seared Organic Grouper Fillet served with Crispy Lotus, Pak Choy, Cherry Tomatoes & Chablis Beurré Blanc Sauce

I ordered the fish fillet as my main course. 
Usually I'm not a fan of fish (I'm a very picky eater) but I have to say, 
this has got to be the best fish I have ever eaten. Most people who know me knows that I hate fish skin but this!
This was an exception. I like how its so nice and crunchy, it doesnt have the fishy taste, very soft and very tasty.
Not too dry or overcooked but just nice. The crispy lotus was so crunchy and it was so good! Not only that, the sauce as well.
It has a unique taste to it. Very buttery, very creamy and very fragrant. I love this!
If I had to come back for lunch, this would be my go to dish!

Dialoque of Sweet 
(Gold Dusted Spinach Opera Cake, Pandan Crème Brûlée & Profiteroles Vanilla Ice Cream)

I am a dessert junkie! 
I love this dessert so so much and my favourite has got to be the Pandan Crème Brûlée.
It has such a nice texture to it and I really love how it tasted. Not like the regular Crème Brûlée you would have but with 
a mix of pandan flavour, its just really good! 

The Gold Dusted Spinach Opera Cake was also my favourite! 
I love cakes and I have to say that this cake is not overly sweet WHICH is perfect!
It doesn't have a strong spinachy taste to it as well which makes it much more interesting. 

The Profiteroles Vanilla Ice Cream for me was just okay. 
Not a fan of ice cream but this is a really good dessert!

After lunch, we had a little lucky draw session!
I have NEVER won a lucky draw or a giveaway like EVER in my life UNTIL this very day!
I was so shocked when they announced I won myself a Day Trip Gift Voucher for 2!
I almost cried because I have never won anything before.

I gave this voucher to my mum as a birthday present. 
I figured my mum deserved a day away from the city and just a relaxing day on the beach and enjoy herself.

This was a throwback photo from 2013 if I'm not mistaken.
I miss this huge swing they use to have back then.

we didn't have enough time for the day trip activities such as kayaking, snorkeling and Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
We had such a short visit but I will definitely be back for another trip! 

As always, before leaving...A GROUP PHOTO!

Below are the rates for the day trip package..
*click for better view*

Day Trip Package
Price : Rm180.00
Includes : Kayak (1 hour), Snorkeling and etc (refer list above)

I would to thank Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa for having us again for this review!
Its always fun to have everyone around for a review and I definitely cannot wait to be back again! 
Such a memorable experience being given a chance to revisit Bunga Raya again. 

(Photo credits to Vance Tan Photography & Meitzeu)

You can check out Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa info here :

Address :
Bungaraya Resort 
Malohom Bay, Gaya Island, 
Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. 

Sales & Reservation Office : 
Unit 1-1, The Pinnacle, 
Lower Signal Hill Road, 88400, 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. 

Tel : +6 088 380390 
Fax : +6 088 247390 

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