Chavana Spa , Pacific Sutera | Kota Kinabalu

Hey y'all!
Guess where I've been?
Yes you read it right! The SPA!

To be honest, I have NEVER been to a spa before ever in my life!
Thanks to Meitzeu for inviting Charlotte and I for this spa session.
This was such a nice treat and also an awesome girl bonding moment for us.
We were invited to try out their Balinese Massage and Foot massage. 
This session takes 1 hour.

Chavana Spa

So, here we are at Chavana Spa which is located in Pan Pacific Hotel in Sutera Harbour, KK.
Its located at Level 1 and the moment I walked through the hallway, it smelled like I was on a holiday! 

I love the aesthetics in here! 
Love the timber interior setup, dim lights, and it feel so zen in here.
Also love how much floral decor and fragrance there are in this entire place!


This I read is a luxurious British Spa and Skincare brand that have been favoured by
numerous of spa-goers and these are for sale right here in Chavana Spa.
Love the packaging!

Then here we have...OUR ROOM!

There are 2 beds in this room which is suitable for couples who are seeking for a 
private relaxing spa session. I love how peaceful it felt being in this room. 
You really don't hear the sounds of guests splashing in the pool, or kids running around screaming at each other and also I love how it has so much natural light beaming in through the big glass panel in the room. So relaxing.

Before we got started, 
we were served some tea as this was to help with calming the mind and the body.
Love the setup!

 Once we were done, 
we were asked to changed into something more comfortable.
I love how they have a cupboard just for you to keep your belongings as well as your footwear. 


I was super excited for the massage and I have to say, it was such an awesome massage.
I literally fell asleep the moment they started the massage.

The staffs and masseuse were really friendly, informative and very helpful!
They made us felt so welcome upon our arrival at the spa.
They even brought us around to have a look at the rooms and also briefed us on 
other details about Chavana Spa.

Loving the outdoor vibes here.
The outdoor bathtub is just a must whenever you get the chance to come here.
The atmosphere here was just so serene.

That's it from me and thank you again Meitzeu for inviting us for a spa session!
Had such a great time! Definitely hope we get a chance to come back here again.

Also, Thank you to Pan Pacific Hotel for having us at Chavana Spa to experience 
your amazing Balinese massage! It was so relaxing!

Operation Hours : 10am - 10pm daily

Location : Level 1, The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Sutera Harbour

Tel : +6088 303 680


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