Gen.Z , Lintas Plaza | Kota Kinabalu

I'm sure a lot of you have already seen and heard of the famous Gen.Z in Lintas Plaza area.
Just look for the Lintas View Hotel which is right beside 7Eleven and you're there!
Gen.Z is a shop that is run by 2 friends who share the same passion for experimenting new flavours and new recipes. Gen.Z serves drinks and desserts made from locally sourced ingredients to high quality imported ingredients as well. They also have a wide range of drinks on their menu for you to choose from.

Here we are checking out the place and doing a taste test with the bunch.
A little behind the scenes on how hard it is to model with a drink.
(Lol! That's not the whole point of this post.)


We were served 7 of their signature and popular drinks from their menu!
(Unfortunately I missed out one and I'm not sure why)

Signature Gen.Z Milk Tea with Milk Cap (RM 8.50)

In case you don't know what milk cap is,
its basically a cheese layer on top of the drink and I love how the cheese
prepared by Gen.Z taste completely different from other cheese coffee places.

It has a slightly more saltier taste and its not too thick and it goes very well
with all their drinks! I love how the Milk Tea is not too sweet as well.
The mix of tea and milk is just nice!

You will have the option to choose the level of sugar you want in your drink
which is a good thing to do because I hate overly sweet drinks.

Kudat Blue Tears (RM 12.50)

This beautiful drink consists of Peach Tea mixed with Green Tea and yogurt pearls.
Very refreshing if you're looking for something that isn't too milky.
Just look at how beautiful the drink is!

Matcha Milk Tea with Milk Cap (RM 9.50)

For all you matcha lovers out there, Gen.Z serves Matcha Milk Tea!
I love how well the matcha and cheese go together and also I love how the
matcha still has that bittery taste to it!

Berry Oolong Tea with Milk Cap (RM 8.00)

If you guys love cheesecake, this drink taste exactly like a blueberry cheesecake in a cup!
The milk cap and the berry makes it taste just like cheesecake.
Very unique taste and this is one of my favourite drinks to order whenever I go to Gen.Z.

Sun Bear (RM 12.50)

This is a mix of tea and coffee along with some milk and pearls in it.
So if you can't decide whether if you want coffee or tea, you guys can give this a go.
It has a very light taste of tea and coffee but this wasn't really my favourite.
I'm more of a Jasmine Green Tea Milk Tea kind of person.

Just Milk with Pearl (RM 8.50)

This was a very simple but very filling drink!
Its literally just milk and pearl and this was pretty good.
I always thought pearl goes well with just milk tea but I can see why now.
This is also highly recommended for those who wants just a milky drink with some pearls.

L-R : Matcha Milk Tea with Milk Cap (RM 9.50)Kudat Blue Tears (RM 12.50),
Signature Gen.Z Milk Tea with Milk Cap (RM 8.50), Signature Gen.Z Fruit Tea (RM 12.50)Sun Bear (RM 12.50)Berry Oolong Tea with Milk Cap (RM 8.00) and Just Milk with Pearl (RM 8.50).

Unfortunately I didn't manage to take a picture of the Signature Fruit Tea
because I think I was getting to excited with other drinks that I forgot about it.

I have been so obsessed with their drinks that I even show up at the shop
at least twice to three times a week! OMG!

Before I go, there is one special drink that is currently up on their menu!
Charcoal Chocolate (RM 8.50)

This is from their new Charcoal series.
It has a very rich and creamy texture and I was quite surprised it didn't taste weird.
Something really unique for everyone to try out and this drink is just Insta worthy.

Here is their new menu :

L-R : Me, Jojo (Lady Boss), Alex (Man Boss), Zurich (model of the day), Ken and Charlotte

Thank you so much Alex and Jojo for having us at your shop to try out these amazing drinks! 
I am completely hooked on to your shop now! All the best in your business and Congratulations again!

Operation Hours :
11am - 10pm

For more info on Gen.Z, follow them on their Instagram!
You can even drop them a message in case you need more info.