ALTHEA ANGELS PROGRAM 2019 : Welcome Gift Set

What's up everyone?
I know I have been missing for a while now.
Been busy with Youtube, work, training and life but I'm back!

I'm proud to announce that I have been selected by Althea to 
become part of their Althea Angels Community! If you don't know what Althea is, click here to find out more!

As most of you know, I am a skincare addict and also obsessed with makeup products.
When I received an email from Althea about getting selected,

The best part about being an Althea Angel is that 
I will be getting first dibs on new product launches, shopping points and many more! 
I even read that I will be getting a Welcome Gift Set! 

So these arrived after 2 weeks!
You know this is from Althea when you see the infamous pink packaging!

At first, 
I thought it was only the big box at the bottom but then after another week,
the smaller box arrived. 


Let's see what's inside...
I almost cried when I saw everything!
I have never been so spoiled with skincare and other pretty things 
besides sports attire ever in my life!

First thing I got is this pretty hand mirror and its white!

You know how other beauty gurus or Youtubers holding up this kind of mirror while doing their makeup or tutorials, NOW I HAVE ONE TOO!
I'm a beauty guru.

I also received this beautiful pink travel pouch! 

I love it when a pouch is boxed on the corners to make it more spacious and also an inner zipper for me to store more stuff and keeping it organised.

Lastly, I got these...

I have always wanted to get this but now I don't have to anymore.
I finally have it in my hands!

This is the Fixer Cream.

I'm guessing this is their moisturizer because I read up on the ingredients and also the instructions on how to use it, I'm pretty sure its a moisturizer.

It contains :
Trehalose - powerful humectant that retains moisture on the skin 

Wild Green Tea - hydrating, skin soothing and pack with antioxidants 

Baobab Tree Extract - Non-greasy moisturizing agent that helps promote collagen production

I love how on the packaging it shows you the correct order on which 
product should be used first.

Then we have the Primer Water.

At first I was thinking what in the world is a Primer Water?
Then I found out the its a toner.

This is what's inside :
Snow Lotus - Smoothens and brightens the skin while evening out its texture 

Patented ‘dewdrop’ formulation - revitalizes the skin and provides immediate, effective moisture

Lastly, the Contour Cleanser.

I have always love trying out new cleansers but afraid to buy different brands to try out.
FYI, I have Acne-prone, Sensitive and Dry Combo skin. 

This is what it contains in the cleanser :
Ice plant - Hydrates and calms redness 

Lemon verbena leaf - rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to strengthen the skin

Let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the packaging.
So simple and so minimal! I love it!

I really can't wait to try out these products. 
I've read so many good reviews on these products and It's very affordable as well!
I will come back with another review on these products as soon as I finish up my current skincare products.

Wanna give a big shout out to Althea :
Thank you for giving me a chance to be a part of the Althea Angels team.
I cannot wait to work with you guys and also meet you all in the future!

Check out Althea for more info and also check out their collections!
Its very affordable and i highly recommend you guys to try them out for yourselves.
Also stay tuned to find out what's in the smaller box in the next post.


  1. Yay! Welcome to Althea Angels community babe. Now we can talk all about Althea skincare and products xo

    Fay x


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