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BTS : Yves Rocher Makeover Photoshoot in Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

Last week, Charlotte, Mary and I were at Yves Rocher outlet for our makeover photoshoot! A friend of mine hooked me up with a free makeover photoshoot and I was allowed to bring 2 friends along so I picked them!

This was the package they had up in their page!
Really affordable package and hey..who doesn't love a makeover!

Before the makeover, we had a little session where Siti (The dermatologist) explains to us about certain parts of our face that has different needs. We had to go into this UV Light machine thingy to actually see it.

After going into the machine of horror, Siti listed out that I had Combination Skin  and my main concern is having breakouts/acnes.
Then its Charlotte's turn!
Here's how she looks like inside! We took this through the glass! Its seriously the scariest thing I have ever seen!
Lastly, Mary's turn!

After all that, its time for the makeover!

Getting my mascara removed first to apply new make up on!

The Shopaholics Bazaar 2013 : Chapter 3 (KK Community Hall aka Dewan Masyarakat Kota Kinabalu)

Hey everyone! Guess what? Something big is back to KK and yes we're proud to announced that The Shopaholics Bazaar 2013 is back again!
Here is the event page : The Shopaholics Bazaar 2013

Be sure to grab your family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, grandma, grandpa  or anyone you know to come join the fun! Who doesn't love shopping? You can read bout the previous Shopaholics Bazaar here and here!
(Image source from Google)
There will be a blood drive going on during the event. So, for those who have been dying to donate some blood or those who always wanted to do something good for the public, be sure to drop by on that day and donate some blood. Each pack of blood can save up to 3 lives!
Oh by the way, there is a little contest going on this year! How would you like to win some MONEY to shop? Yes you heard me! FREE MONEY to shop at the Shopaholics Bazaar!

Shopaholics Outfit Challenge! Photo Contest
Here's what you have to do :  Submit your best OOTD (Outfit of the day) p…

Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run 2013 (7km Run)

Hey y'all!
A couple of weeks ago,
I participated in the Sunset Run organised by Sutera Harbour Resort!
Its a yearly thing that they organised for charity and I had such a good run this year!
You can read bout my previous run here!

*Image source from Sutera Harbour Resort*

A bunch of us climbers signed up for this run.
I heard there were over 14,000 people who signed up and honestly
I had such a hard time running among the crowd.

Left to Right : Mechtild, Faisal aka Mamak and Me

Meitzeu and Me

Met quite a number of people on that day.
Even bumped into old friends who I haven't seen for ages!

The Fighters of KK!
For those who are interested to try out Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Jiujitsu
 or planning to look for a Personal Trainer..
You guys can check out Kinabalu Fighters and Borneo Combat Gym for more info!

Finally got to see Stella after such a long time! So happy to hear that she and James are gonna be parents! Be sure to check out her blog
Bumped into a climber from UMS and boy…

BTS : A Tribal Song Photoshoot by Clash Donerrin

Hey hey hey y'all!
I know I've been missing for quite some time now.
Just tied up with some climbing, running and other events.

Just wanna share what I did with my friends, Richard and Joanna from 2 weeks ago.
Just a little photoshoot I've arrange for Joanna.
Everything did not work out on time but the results were fabulous!

Theme : "A Tribal Song"
Model : Joanna Melissa Moss
MUA : Zico
Photographer : Richard aka Clash Donerrin
P.A : Me

Joanna trying on Richard's awesome handmade Chainmail Top
made out of recycled tin tabs! Seriously , this is the coolest thing I've ever seen!

Home Studio

Richard which claims that he looked like a walrus here.

Zico, our MUA (Makeup Artist) of the day!
His work is amazing! Everything done simple and fast!

Group shot Take 1!

Take 2 and that's a wrap!!

Here's the result from the photoshoot..