BTS : Yves Rocher Makeover Photoshoot in Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

Last week,
Charlotte, Mary and I were at Yves Rocher outlet for our makeover photoshoot!
A friend of mine hooked me up with a free makeover photoshoot
and I was allowed to bring 2 friends along so I picked them!

This was the package they had up in their page!
Really affordable package and hey..who doesn't love a makeover!

Before the makeover, we had a little session where Siti (The dermatologist)
explains to us about certain parts of our face that has different needs.
We had to go into this UV Light machine thingy to actually see it.

After going into the machine of horror, Siti listed out that I had Combination Skin 
and my main concern is having breakouts/acnes.

Then its Charlotte's turn!

Here's how she looks like inside! We took this through the glass!
Its seriously the scariest thing I have ever seen!

Lastly, Mary's turn!

After all that, its time for the makeover!

Getting my mascara removed first to apply new make up on!

A group photo!

I decided to go with a more bohemian chic look since I already have curls
on and not much to do with it so I told my friend to braid my hair and pulled it 
across my forehead so it looks like a headband! Really love that look!

Here are the photos!

Group photo again before everyone leaves!
And lastly...
A selfie shot before ending the day! How I do look?

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