Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run 2013 (7km Run)

Hey y'all!
A couple of weeks ago,
I participated in the Sunset Run organised by Sutera Harbour Resort!
Its a yearly thing that they organised for charity and I had such a good run this year!
You can read bout my previous run here!

*Image source from Sutera Harbour Resort*

A bunch of us climbers signed up for this run.
I heard there were over 14,000 people who signed up and honestly
I had such a hard time running among the crowd.

Left to Right : Mechtild, Faisal aka Mamak and Me

Meitzeu and Me

Met quite a number of people on that day.
Even bumped into old friends who I haven't seen for ages!

The Fighters of KK!
For those who are interested to try out Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Jiujitsu
 or planning to look for a Personal Trainer..
You guys can check out Kinabalu Fighters and Borneo Combat Gym for more info!

Finally got to see Stella after such a long time!
So happy to hear that she and James are gonna be parents!
Be sure to check out her blog

Bumped into a climber from UMS and boy she is really bubbly!!

(Picture credits to Mas)
Oh and the best part, I met Massy again for this run!

I was so sure that the whole route wasn't exactly 7km
so I turned on my GPS on Runkeeper and tracked the entire route.
Found out it was only 6.34km and have no idea why they would call it a 7km run.