BTS : A Tribal Song Photoshoot by Clash Donerrin

Hey hey hey y'all!
I know I've been missing for quite some time now.
Just tied up with some climbing, running and other events.

Just wanna share what I did with my friends, Richard and Joanna from 2 weeks ago.
Just a little photoshoot I've arrange for Joanna.
Everything did not work out on time but the results were fabulous!

Theme : "A Tribal Song"
Model : Joanna Melissa Moss
MUA : Zico
Photographer : Richard aka Clash Donerrin
P.A : Me

Joanna trying on Richard's awesome handmade Chainmail Top
made out of recycled tin tabs! Seriously , this is the coolest thing I've ever seen!

Home Studio

Richard which claims that he looked like a walrus here.

Zico, our MUA (Makeup Artist) of the day!
His work is amazing! Everything done simple and fast!

Group shot Take 1!

Take 2 and that's a wrap!!

Here's the result from the photoshoot..

Beautiful photos!
This photoshoot took us 3 - 4 hours only and we had a great time!
Though weather was extremely hot and humid, we managed to get what we wanted!

So for anyone who is interested for a photoshoot,
you can check out Clash Donerrin page and drop Richard a message if you have any inquiries!

(Picture credits to Clash Donerrin)