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Blog Design by Maguro Relle (New look for 2014)

Hey guys! How do you guys like my new blog layout? Nothing much has be done but definitely changed a couple of things!

(Before) Blog design since year 2011. Header was a little squarish and long and everything else seemed like a mess.

Love my header and also the feather icons! Fonts made simpler and photos slightly larger for easy viewing purposes.
Signature done with perfection! Looks better and no more manually inserting signatures anymore! A huge THANK YOU to Maguro for the help and also all her time into making my blog so pretty!
You can drop her a message if you have any inquiries at or even for a quick makeover for your blog/website/logos/ name it!  Oh by the way, you should check out her little shop here!

BTS : Adidas NEO Photoshoot by Clash Donnerin

3 weeks ago,  I was one of the few lucky bloggers who got sponsored by  Adidas Malaysia to shop with Adidas NEO. Adidas NEO, a new label going towards to a much more casual sporty fashion and we were sponsored a voucher worth RM 1,000.00 to shop.
A friend of mine who goes by the name of Clash Donnerin,  offered to be my photographer and I was really excited to get started! So we decided to do a photoshoot featuring all of the products that I've bought from Adidas NEO and well here it is! Enjoy the photos!
Photographer : Clash Donnerin Styling : Beverly Tam and Clash Donnerin Models : Roy and Me
(Makeup inspired by Selena Gomez)




Shopping in Adidas NEO, Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

A month ago,
I received email from Adidas Malaysia regarding on a sponsor for bloggers
and I was glad to be one of them! What a privilege it was!
Being such a huge fan of Adidas and all and getting an email really made my day!
Meitzeu, Chloe and I were selected for this and we're so excited to get shopping!
Shopping with #AdidasNEO y'all! You can read about Adidas NEO here!

Our shopping took place in Adidas NEO store which is located in Suria Sabah Mall, Kota Kinabalu. Adidas NEO store has been opened since May 2012. Its located on the lower ground floor right beside Grace One with a huge green entrance. We were greeted by their really friendly shop assistants and they were all so bubbly and happy!
They were really helpful whenever we needed something.  Very attentive and informative about their products whenever we asked them a question.

An insta-selfie before the madness begins!

Fashion style inspired by their Winter's Collection Ambassador, Selena Gomez. Casually Sporty…

Adidas NEO label by Adidas®

Hey hey peeps!  Yes you read it right! Its all about Adidas NEO y'all! I have been big loyal Adidas user since I was in high school.
As you can see above,  Selena Gomez is the Ambassador for Adidas NEO's winter collection. Love this picture of her! She looks smokin' hot here!

 *click for better view*
What's Adidas NEO? Adidas NEO is a label that is going towards a more casual sports sort of fashion style.  The teen-inspired line features a multitude of colours, styles and designs suited for today’s fashionable youth while still maintaining the brand’s original inspiration in sports fashion.
 *click for better view*
What I really love about Adidas NEO, everything is casual and sporty at the same time. Just check out that pink ombre top and that cardigan beside it! Love love love it!!
As most of you guys who know me, I am EXACTLY that kind of person. I'm totally into the casual sporty look and hey, nothing beats being comfortable even  if it means wearing a pair of sweat…