Adidas NEO label by Adidas®

Hey hey peeps! 
Yes you read it right! Its all about Adidas NEO y'all!
I have been big loyal Adidas user since I was in high school.

As you can see above, 
Selena Gomez is the Ambassador for Adidas NEO's winter collection.
Love this picture of her! She looks smokin' hot here!

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What's Adidas NEO?
Adidas NEO is a label that is going towards a more casual sports sort of fashion style. 
The teen-inspired line features a multitude of colours, styles and designs suited for today’s fashionable youth while still maintaining the brand’s original inspiration in sports fashion.

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What I really love about Adidas NEO, everything is casual and sporty at the same time.
Just check out that pink ombre top and that cardigan beside it! Love love love it!!

As most of you guys who know me, I am EXACTLY that kind of person.
I'm totally into the casual sporty look and hey, nothing beats being comfortable even 
if it means wearing a pair of sweat pants out in public!

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If you notice, everything in this label is more vibrant, colourful and fresh! 
It may look like its for teens but it doesn't matter if you're young or old,
it will definitely look good on you because their design is just so fresh and simple 
that it suits everyone's style.

This label is not only for women but also for men.
For those who don't know what to get for your guy, you can check out the men section here
I really like the men's design for most stuff! So cool!

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I have been eyeing on this pair of shoes for like ages!
Love how Adidas have improved so much in terms of design and products over the years and really big thumbs up for the service and price as well. I personally don't think Adidas stuff is that expensive compared to other brands. You pay for quality and that's exactly what we're all looking for.

Two more photos of Ms.Cutie with awesome hair and check out that sweater!
Looks really comfy right? Well, yeah it does!

(Image source via Adidas Malaysia)

You can check out more stuff here from Adidas NEO!
You won't regret what you see there!


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