BTS : Adidas NEO Photoshoot by Clash Donnerin

3 weeks ago, 
I was one of the few lucky bloggers who got sponsored by 
Adidas Malaysia to shop with Adidas NEO. Adidas NEO, a new label going towards to a much more
casual sporty fashion and we were sponsored a voucher worth RM 1,000.00 to shop.

A friend of mine who goes by the name of Clash Donnerin, 
offered to be my photographer and I was really excited to get started!
So we decided to do a photoshoot featuring all of the products that I've bought from
Adidas NEO and well here it is! Enjoy the photos!

Photographer : Clash Donnerin
Styling : Beverly Tam and Clash Donnerin
Models : Roy and Me

(Makeup inspired by Selena Gomez)



Well, that's a wrap!
It was such a fun photoshoot despite the scorching hot weather that day.
Everyone did an amazing job on set and we all look really good!

For more photos and other behind the scene moments,
click here to see more!

Thank you to everyone and again to Adidas Malaysia for everything!

(Photo credits to Clash Donnerin)


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