Shopping in Adidas NEO, Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

A month ago,
I received email from Adidas Malaysia regarding on a sponsor for bloggers
and I was glad to be one of them! What a privilege it was!
Being such a huge fan of Adidas and all and getting an email really made my day!
Meitzeu, Chloe and I were selected for this and we're so excited to get shopping!
Shopping with #AdidasNEO y'all! You can read about Adidas NEO here!

Our shopping took place in Adidas NEO store which is located in Suria Sabah Mall, Kota Kinabalu.
Adidas NEO store has been opened since May 2012.
Its located on the lower ground floor right beside Grace One with a huge green entrance.
We were greeted by their really friendly shop assistants and they were all so bubbly and happy!

They were really helpful whenever we needed something. 
Very attentive and informative about their products whenever we asked them a question.

An insta-selfie before the madness begins!

Fashion style inspired by their Winter's Collection Ambassador, Selena Gomez.
Casually Sporty look is definitely the word for this label.
Just look at all those really cute tops and sweaters! Not forgetting their really cool shoes and huge bags!

I love how the arrange their shoes!

I manage to spot this cute top for myself!
Love the fringe and studs details on the heart! 

Now, this is something that most people don't really know or care about.
I am a huge fan of sneakers and shoes and comfort is always my top priority.
When I saw the Ortholite shoe padding, I immediately took this pair of shoes!
Ortholite shoe pads are so light and its breathable! 

As an athlete,
most of us have sweaty palms and feet and yes I know this is disgusting but hear me out.
Having a breathable shoe pad helps to keep the feet nice and dry as well as comfortable soles.
Who likes stinky feet? If you do, you really need to see a doctor.

SO yeah, as I was saying.. Trust me, get your shoes with Ortholite shoe pads 
and your feet will thank you for all the TLC!
You can read all about it here

Meitzeu lovin' the kids collection!

The Lee sisters rockin' out their outfits!

These are my loot!
Funny how I kept on taking my stuff and leaving it on the counter and counting how much I had left to spend.
I took quite a load of bags and tops from the shop cause' I just love them!!

Each of us were given a cash voucher worth a total of RM1,000 to shop and man you wouldn't believe
the looks on our faces when we saw "RM1,000". We went completely berserk!

Happy girl!

The lovely and friendly shop assistants!
They were really shy but in the end we all became really good friends.
(I promise I will come back again to shop!!)

L-R : Meitzeu's, mine and Chloe's shopping bag!

L-R : Chloe, Meitzeu and Me

We wanted to take a jump shot in front of the store but decided  not too.
People might think we're crazy.

At the end of the day, here's what I got..

All that with RM2 to spare for my budget!
Felt really good to finally grab my hands on the products from Adidas NEO!
You guys can head over to your nearest Adidas NEO store to grab everything!

Would like to thank Adidas Malaysia (#AdidasMY) for this great opportunity!
We had such an awesome time shopping with you guys!

(Photo credits to Chloe and Meitzeu)

For info on Adidas Neo, click here!
For  more Adidas stuff, click here!


  1. Lucky lucky lucky! I really love the fox jumper - so adorable! The red clutch is so fab as well!


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