Rock On 3 2012 (Rock,Chalk & Climb), Fairy Cave, Kuching (Part II)

***Warning! Massive photo uploads***

Photo taken on Day 2
*Photo courtesy of Kuching Climber and Malcolm Jitam.*

(Day 3)

Woke up to a nice chilly morning as it was raining on the morning of day 3. 
We were all so lazy to get up but the walls were calling!
Freshened up and gathered in the breakfast hall. 
Discussed our climbs and plans over bread and coffee while the boys
were having a nice conversation with the owner of Nomad Borneo Bed & Breakfast.

Left to Right : Me, Roy, Timmy, Gg (aka Haziah) , Chris and Ron

Chris made us felt so welcome and he's such a friendly guy!
Definitely will crash at Nomad B&B again the next time we come back to Kuching.

After an awesome breakfast, off we go again to Fairy Cave, Bau.
This time we didn't get lost but instead we stopped by 
the little town of Bau to grab some food in case we get hungry throughout the day.

While the boys were buying our food, Ron and I accompanied Gg to hunt for her food.
We saw this cool little mountain which looks like the tip of Mount Kinabalu
Just love how the clouds are surrounding the little mountain. 

 Ateng doing his sexy pose

Left to right : Me , Eunice (the organizer's wife) and Ron

Just realized that we wore the same shirt, stood at the same spot, 
same area(different angle) and a picture of us with and without our equipments.
Go Girl Power!

The boys discussing their next climbs.

A picture of me belaying Roy.
(Yes that's how we start our climbs due to the roof of the cave being 
so high we had to do this procedure.)

Roy attempting route Pick Pocket, grade 6B+ on Batman Wall
(On sighted the route)

SICC Climbers

One thing I'm proud of being a Malaysian (more like Sabahan)
its that we're all very united in our race,culture and religion.
Something that I have always been proud of since the day I was born.
No matter where we come from we will always be supportive and united.

We can easily just mix with everyone. 

As you can see from the picture above,
we have Sabahans, Sarawakians and Singaporeans happily smiling.
Singapore may not be part of Malaysia anymore but still there very united.

Anyways, back to climbing.
We went to Tiger Wall to try out some new routes and also as promised
I have to teach Ron how to red point. It was her first outdoor climbing experience
and we're all so proud of her! Fast learner and patient.

Red pointing route Space Invader, grade 6B+.
(Had to set up an anchor for Ron before she can red point the route)

Funny we had this little conversation with 
Noh aka Melanau Climber. He mentioned that in his Kuching Climber group,
Ateng (being the only Sabahan in the group) is the only one who does this famous "Kangkang" move whenever he climbs. Kangkang means spreading your legs open in Malay.
(I know it sounds wrong but that's what it really means)

On Sighted this route!

Then Gg and Ron decided to give it a go!
Here we have Gg attempting the same route

Attempting route Boulders, grade 6B on Tiger Wall

 While I was attempting BouldersRon red pointed Space Invaders.

Really disappointed as I only manage to Hang Dog this route
but proud of myself being able to complete the climb.

A group photo before leaving Tiger Wall
Such supportive lads and very talented climbers as well.

After another long day of climbing, we decided to take a stroll downtown just to chill. 
Just when we were getting too comfortable, someone told us we
had a flat tyre. So sweet of the boys to change the tyre for us.

Then we met up with Brendan and we went off to 
Kuching Food Festival 2012 again for another food hunting adventure!

Pretty lights in the garden

 Beef Ball Soup (Rm4.00 for 5)
( Beef ball which contains soup inside 
aka beef ball unrinating..Name given by Singaporean)

Saw a few cosplayers roaming around

Coconut Sorbet (Rm2.00)
Very addictive stuff! This is by far one of the best sorbet I've ever had!

These fried mushrooms are just so addictive just like french fries!
Couldn't stop munching on them!

Kuching Laksa (Rm5.00)

Here's Roy enjoying his Durian Pancakes. Facial expression simply priceless!

Yet another tummy filling night of food hunting!
We had to leave early as Brendan had to go home while
 Ron and Timmy had to pack up for their early flight back to
 KK at 6am the next morning.



(Day 4)

Woke up at 4.30am to send Timmy and Ron to the airport.
Roy and I had packed up our stuff to check out early as we are planning 
to check in to a closer place nearer to the airport.

We head down to little town of Bau again for an early breakfast.
Really early. (6.30am early) Had some Kolok Mee which only cost Rm2.50
and man it was a really good breakfast!

We arrived at Fairy Cave at 7.15am and I was so sleepy
that I crash in the car. Roy said I was completely out for 1 hour.
We promised Ron that we take some pictures of Fairy Cave.

It was told that inside the cave there is a little village.
I just had to see it with my own eyes to believe it.

Staircase that leads up to Fairy Cave

My trusty guide

It really looks like a little village!

View outside Fairy Cave.
Simply breath-taking.

Nepenthes Wall at Fairy Cave

Breath-taking view from inside the cave

Roy made a new "friend". 

We explored the cave for about an hour and then head back to Batman Wall
about 9.30am. A few climbers have already arrived and already started climbing.
Brendan came to climb with us since it was only me and Roy left in Kuching.
Our flight was on 13th August 2012 so we climbed all day on Sunday.

Brendan attempting route 999, grade 6B.

Roy's happy kiddy face

Brendan looking nervous as he has never climbed 
Batman wall before

Me with Mr.Andy Popeye
(He is one of the guys who help bolted new routes and also designed the Rock On tshirts!)

Saw this on the ground and seriously THIS IS SO COOL!!

Brendan Hang Dog route 999

Hans and Andy goofing around.
Two very strong guys!

Me and Roy grabbing a quick bite before our next climb

Climbed for almost 2 hours then we left with Andy and the rest
to check in to a place which Andy recommended that's near to the airport.
Seriously it was only 5 minutes away from the airport!

Nothing much after a long day of climbing.



(Day 5)

Finally the day we had to fly back to KK.
My heart was stolen by Kuching as this place really reminded me of home 
and also it was such a laid back place compared to KK.
Foods are so cheap, road systems are so efficient, 
friendly environment, very clean place and malls are everywhere!

Got a fine on the last day of our trip as I forgotten to 
display the parking coupon on the car before we went up to the hotel.
Lucky the fine was only Rm5. Not to mention we had to fix our flat tyre but lucky
for us Mr.Joseph (the car owner) said he will settle it for us.

Came back from Kuching with these ..
Rope burn

Bruises from falling on the wall while climbing

A few tiny scratches

Fifty Shades novels (Volume II & III) from MPH Bookstore.
All I need now is Volume I to complete my book collection.
I know what you're thinking but hey I just can't help myself reading books like these!

Kuching Krags Rock Climbing Guide Book
(A guide and also climbing diary)

That's all from my Kuching trip!
For more pictures, click here!

I'm missing Kuching oh so much and already planning our next Rock On 4 trip with the group. 
Already planning to buy our own ropes, quickdraws and a few other stuff.
Need to do tons of training and climbing before this trip!

(Picture credits to Ron, Roy, Timmy and Jong)

Here are some details for you in case you are planning
 a trip to Kuching to climb or even just a short trip 
and need some contacts for car rental or directions to Fairy Cave to climb.

Car Rental : 
Mr Joseph (+60135608334)

Rock Climbing (outdoor activites etc) :
Malcolm (+60128886460)

Nomad Borneo Bed & Breakfast :
Chris (+6016 856 3855)

1st Floor, No.3, Jalan Green Hill 
93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


just drop me an email if you have further inquiries.