Rock On 3 2012 (Rock,Chalk & Climb), Fairy Cave, Kuching (Part I)

***Warning! Massive photo uploads***

On Sighting route At Last, grade 6A at Tiger Wall
*Picture credits to Ron Sea*

(Day 1)

Hey y'all! 
I'm back from Kuching,Sarawak!
A 5 days 4 nights trip of pure climbing and eating.
Lost count how many times we go lost in Kuching but it was so much fun!
No words could express how I feel being able to go on this trip. 
The feeling of being able to go beyond my limits and also the mentality
to conquer my fears as well as the passion for climbing was just overwhelming.

My first ever climbing event after 2 years of climbing
 and proud of myself for bringing something really meaningful and memorable back for everyone.
My team have been really supportive and motivating. 

Roy,Timmy, Ron and I flew off at 7.50am on 9th August 2012 feeling
 excited like little kids waiting for candies. Before boarding the plane,
 we were already hyped up to climb and also excited to explore around Kuching
since Timmy and I have never been to Sarawak while Ron and Roy have.

Roy looking stunned

Om nom nom nom..

Ron was wearing a beanie and we all decided to put it on and see who wore it best..
Who do you think wore it best?

We rented a car so we could get around since Kuching is such a huge place.
Checked into Nomad Borneo Bed & Breakfast place and everyone there made us felt so welcome.
Friendly enviroment and Kuching definitely reminded me a lot of everyone back home in KK.
Not to mention the price was cheap! Rm20 per person for a Dorm with 2 bunk beds!

After checking in, off we went to Fairy Cave, Bau.
We got lost a couple of times but we manage to get there in time.
Once we arrived, Ron and I were just speechless.
Fairy Cave was just simply beautiful and we couldn't stop
 taking photos of everything and every wall!

Fairy Cave

Every climbers dream come true. Pure solid lime stones everywhere!

Rock On 3 Tshirt
(Guys orange and Ladies red)

Finally got a chance to be a part of Rock On 3 2012 this year
and it was really good to see Eunice,Malcolm and Melchizedek again.

Trekking our way to Tiger Wall

Found this little cave. Just had to take a picture in it!

Unpacking everything for the first climb

A little briefing before the climb

Route At Last, grade 6A on Tiger Wall

I didn't know this was taken at all!
I remember at that moment someone said something funny and I laughed.

On sighted the first climb!

Manage to take a few snap shots but u can see it all here.

After a long day of climbing, Timmy's friend aka Lau Chai
invited us over to his place for dinner. At first we all thought that it was
at his home or restaurant until we arrived here...

 It was a friggin' food court.
Not just any food court but one of the best and largest food court around!

We had a really awesome dinner that night.
 We ate to a point where we were all begging to stop eating.
 Our stomachs were so full it was aching and it felt like it was about to explode anytime.
Lau Chai really made us feel so welcome and fed us so much!
The food was just so good!

After dinner and all, we headed back to the backpackers
and just crashed. Sleep have never felt so good!

Oh and Gg decided to join us last minute and met up with us at the backpackers!




(Day 2)

Had a light breakfast at the living room aka breakfast hall.
Had some toast and some coffee.
Planning out everything for day 2 as well as the climbs!

Before we went to Fairy Cave,
Roy had to stop by his high school to pick up his SPM (aka 'O' levels)
and 1119 English certificate. Finally being able to pick it up after 8 years.
I repeat..8 YEARS! We were are so surprise to see his results.
He passed everything with flying colours!

Roy warming up on route
Two Egg Bacon Burger(s), grade 6B on Batman Wall

How beautiful is the view at Fairy Cave

Gg attempting the same route

Mel enjoying his burger from Burger King bought by Damien all the way from KK.
Sadly there are no Burger King in Kuching.

Group photo before going for an open project

Then, the big moment..
First Ascent-ing a Grade 6A route on Batman Wall..
Roy was my belayer.

First Ascented the route!

Felt so relieved and honored to be the first to FA the first project!
After days of thinking of a name I have finally thought of the perfect name for it.
A name that reminds me of Sabah since that's where I came from
and its also my first climbing event ever attended and also being able to FA it
after climbing for 2 years..I called it "Boleh Bah Kalau Kau (BBKK), grade 6A".

We were all laughing when I gave a few choices like..
Ni Kali Lah, Mentality, Catwoman, I Think So.. loads more..
Yeah its sounds stupid but I'm happy with my choice.

Left to right : Me, Ron & Gg

Then went over to try out a different route.

HD (HangDog) on route 999,grade 6B.

Was quite disappointed that I only HD this route.
Was expecting myself to do better but I was completely out after that FA project.

Roy tried out another open project which is called
 Holy Thundering Meteorites,Batman, grade 6C, 21m high.

Roy didn't manage to FA the route but he did so well!

Ateng the belayer

After another long day of climbing,
Lau Chai picked us up to the Kuching Food Festival 2012.

Loads of good food and yet it was another "Please! No more food!" moment for us again.
Everything on the table was fried and oily.
Felt so sick after all that food but everything was just so delicious!

That's all for day 1 & 2!
For more pictures, click here!

(*Picture credits to Ron Sea & Malcolm*)


  1. Hello there.. Awesome trip!
    Been there once, but never get the chance to go to the fairy Cave, the place was quite hard to find right? We didn't find it last time.. Hee.. So part I.. Will look forward for part II :)

    Germaine Tee


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