Rock On 3 2012 (Rock,Chalk & Climb)

*click for better view*

The long awaited trip I have been waiting for a year now is finally here!
My very first official climbing event after 2 years of climbing!
I have this thing for competitions/events especially when
it involves me competing/showing the whole world my talent..
I get super scared and not forgetting ..STAGE FRIGHT! (eek!)

Gonna change that this Thursday! Will be away from 9th - 13th August.
The best part about this trip is finally being able to visit Sarawak for the first time. 
(I know its sad right that I haven't been to Sarawak before.)
For those who are in Sarawak, Kuching to be exact..
do drop by for this event if you have time!


  1. WOOOOOOTS! proud of u beb! loving the new header! reflects ur passion!


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