Happy Birthday Mr.Manager

Last month was Roy's birthday!
We planned a little surprise birthday party just for him.
2 weeks of planning on what to get him and also what to eat.
Tried coming in with a huge surprise but he was busy at that moment.

A little chitty-chatty session over yummy food!
We bought so much food..like A LOT of food...

what did we get him? 

A brand new Techno Semi-Acoustic Guitar.
At least, that was a huge surprise for the birthday boy!
We all know he loves playing his guitar, jamming on random nights
just chilling in SICC with the climbers so we decided on a guitar!

Birthday boy trying out his new toy! 

Left to Right : Techno Semi-Acoustic Guitar, Roy 
and his old buddy guitar


  1. wow celebrate bday at that place! really special! =D

  2. I dunno why Secret Recipe's Chocolate Banana cake is always THE CHOICE for most birthdays! Hahahaha. My office too.


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