A few weeks back, I had a date with Meitzeu.
Every Saturday, its like a girl bonding day for us so yeah it was so much fun!
Had a quick lunch with Meitzeu and my mum before heading off to Suria.

Tenom Mee (Rm10) 

We ordered a portion for two so yeah Rm10 was so worth every bite.
It taste just like Tuaran mee but this has more gravy on it.

After lunch, we headed off to Suria to check out what's happening there.
Then Meitzeu remembered Calista mentioned bout this Mango dessert place
somewhere around Suria. So we went to look for it.

 Roselle Aloe Green Tea (Rm6.90)

Meitzeu ordered this for herself.
This was actually quite nice.

 Aloe Vera

 Mango +Coconut+ Sago with Extra Mango (Rm8.90)

Was quite disappointed with this cause' I didn't even taste a single bit of coconut
but a lot of Durian instead. Portion was quite small too.


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