Mamutik Island, Kota Kinabalu

What's up y'all?
Lately I'm in the mood to just blog a lot!
Be prepared for lots of upcoming reviews and other stuff!

Last month, Meitzeu, Alex (Meitzeu's friend), Faisal aka Mamak and I
planned a little trip to the islands! A little getaway for the weekend!
We went to Mamutik Island this time cause' there's not much people there compared
to Sapi Island which is always packed with tourists.

 Left to Right : Mamak, Meitzeu and Alex

Beautiful Mamutik Island

Famous for its clear blue waters for diving, snorkeling and also its corals!
Less tourists here most of the time which was such good news to us!

Monkey madness on the island!

Been working my butt of to get that bikini body and it was all so worth it!
All that running, climbing, sit ups, crunches, etc.. Dayummm I look good!
Can't wait to plan our next island trip again!
Just love the sun,sand and sea!

(Picture credits to Meitzeu)
Be sure to check out Meitzeu's blog by the way!
Loads to read there!


  1. hahahaha monkey madnesss! im not sure if i can do that without breaking my backbone! hahaha

  2. Nyayahahahha :D

    Hello sexy ladei!

  3. LOL agree with henry! My back gonna be damn pain doing that XD


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