Borneo International Marathon 2014 (BIM), Likas Sports Complex, Kota Kinabalu

Last week was THE week for everyone to pick up their race kits for BIM 2014
and I was really excited for the big run. More like nervous instead of excited cause'
I did not train this year due to my knee injury. As I was walking around, I bumped into Massy!

Was good to see her after like a gazillion donkey years!
She accompanied me to buy my running attires and poisoned me to buy my running skirt from
Hobbies-Sports. Pricey as hell but I'm glad I bought it honestly. I could use it for running, cycling, trekking,
bouldering or even just a casual day out! You have got to check out what they have!!

Here's my loot from shopping for the big run!
Supernova Adidas Climacool &
2-in1 Running Skirt with Tights (Skort) 

 My race kit for BIM 2014

Woke up at 3.30am and drove over to the SICC to park my car there and also to pass my keys
to my friend so he can take care of my car while I go running. Safe place to park there so for those who
plan to look for a place to park before the run, consider SICC.

I ran over to the stadium from SICC which was a really good warm-up for my legs.
There were over 7000+ people who participated in this year's marathon.
Gathered at the starting line at 4.45am as the Half Marathon (21km) run will start at 5am.

Was hungry, sleepy and tired before everything started.
Tried to stay positive for the run and funny how I already had a plan where I want to
have my breakfast after the run.

 Bumped into Avie at the starting line!
She had her eyeliner on just in case of a selfie situation.

 Bumped into my old senior from my high school and its sad that I wasn't ready for the run but he is!

Then it was "5,4,3,2..1...GO!!". Off we go!
I have to say I did not do well at all this year due to cramped muscles and injuries everywhere
but I had such a good walk run! The hill in UMS was a b*tch! My calves cramped so much after the hill!
My hamstrings were killing me too!

By the time I arrive at the stadium, just when I was about to cross the finish line..
more like 500m away, MY RIGHT CALF CRAMPED and I had to limp like a zombie to the finish line.
Pushed really hard and forced my right leg to run and I finally crossed the finish line!

 After getting my medal, I saw Nur and quickly took a selfie with her!

Managed to photobomb a friend's photo!

Crossfitters from PX5 joined the HM too.
1st HM for some of them and they all did so well!

SICC Climbers

As always, we must take a photo at the backdrop!
Good job to the climbers for doing their first HM as for most of us, good job in completing the run!

Saw Hayden at the field!

My OOTD for the run :
Top - Supernova Adidas Climacool
2-in-1 Running Skirt with Tights (Skort) -  Hobbies-Sportwear / Skirts Sports
Shoes - Brooks Aurora

Image from my Runkeeper for this year's run.

I'm not really excited to know what my time is for this year cause' I know I didn't do well
but hey I DID IT! I finished the run! Got my medal and now time for my long rest.
My knees and hamstrings are killing me!

(Photo credits to Mas, Kh Tang, Danielle, Christina )

For more info on my running skirt,
you can check out Hobbies-Sportwear or Skirts Sports.


  1. U have a typo. I think u wanted to type car instead of care lol. Look! You typed care twice in a sentence *chuckled. Punya jahat kasi ketawa urang. I bet I have typo in my post too.

    Neways, love the attire during race day. Too bad I arrived late didn't get to take photo with you people. The weather is a bitch. Hot blazing so demotivating. Maybe organizer should consider start the race earlier by an hour. Save myself from the burn! Hee~ We should catch up again some other time. Congrats for completing yet another HM!

  2. Hehehe :)

    You know what I would say, take care your knee!!


  3. i sort of know how it felt like the cramp attack after the UMS hills, wanted to run but cramps kept on coming back to attack on both calves... and of course limping at the finishing line.. tat wat's happened to me last year, but i made sure i got prepared this year and did well.. :D but anyway, the finishing time doesn't matter as long as you able to finish the race tat's what matter...


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