Coral Flyer Island to Island Zipline, Pulau Sapi, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


Hey hey hey! Guess what?
I just had the most awesome-mess time at the Coral Flyer!

2 week ago, a group of 12 bloggers and 3 friends set out on an island trip to try the Coral Flyer.
We gathered at 9am in the jetty in Jesselton Point and the best part was we managed to
convince the guy at the counter for student price tickets!

***Note that boat ride from Mainland - Pulau Sapi are at own cost.***

Kendy decided to join us for this trip!

We took a boat to Pulau Sapi first cause' that's where you get your tickets for the Coral Flyer.
Weather was really sunny that day and we decided to chill at Pulau Sapi before
trying out the Coral Flyer.

See that guy in yellow.. that's Mr.Simon Amos!
The owner of Ropeskills Sdn Bhd, Sabah Indoor Climbing Centre AND also the Coral Flyer.

Everyone had to fill in the waiver form before getting on the flying fox.
This is a matter of life and death people! Fill up the form and sign it!!

Our tickets!

Each ticket cost RM50 which includes a boat ride from Pulau Sapi to Padang Point,Pulau Gaya.
That's where the Coral Flyer is.

FYI, the Coral Flyer is meant to be the highlight of the day.
It takes roughly 20 minutes for the whole thing so before that, go swim, snorkel, dive, eat
and do whatever you like before that.

*click for better view*

We chose a spot where we could see the Coral Flyer!

Look at that view!
If you look closer in the picture, you see the red balls hanging in between the islands?
That's where there zipline is!

A group photo with my favourite ladies!

It is recommended to go in a group of 4.
This is because the each time you go down the zipline, you will go down in pairs.
So this might take some time before the next group goes on the Coral Flyer!

Here's our boat to take us over to Padang Point!
Our boat is the one with a flat yellow roof!

Our boatmen, Tai and Syn Jaya (the cute guy with the cowboy hat)!
Yong (in green) is the receptionist at the counter in Pulau Sapi.

There will be a sign leading you to the zipline.
(NO its not the monkey sign)

These are the trolleys for the zipline. The thingy you hold on to while going down the zipline.
Looks really cool right!! Oh and really heavy too!

 You will be strapped on to a full body harness before heading up to the platform.

Now here's a little info for you guys about the staffs for the Coral Flyer.
There are a total of 10 staffs in charge of the Coral Flyer.
In case you guys are wondering if they are qualified to be running this zipline..
Yes I can assure you that they are all qualified with Level 1 - 3 ARAA qualifications.
You can read all about it here.

You will be given a helmet to put on too!
For those who has a GoPro, you can bring em' along cause' they have a gropro mount
set up on the helmets for everyone. Yay Coral Flyer!!

Safety first!

You will then be needed to trek up a small trail which leads you all the way up to the 
launching platform. You will be so awed by the view up there! Its just beautiful!

See what I mean!

How long is the zipline?
Well, its approximately 235m long!

The staffs will then get you set up on the zipline, double checking your harness,
helmets and everything else that needs to be checked before letting you off!


Make sure to look around while you're on the way down!

Chloe and I paired up for the zipline and we had such an amazing time!
She was filming the view all the way down while I was busy screaming my lungs out.

This is the Zip Stop!
The Zip Stop uses a magnetic braking mechanism.
The Zip Stop cost roughly around USD 5,000.00  which is around RM 17,500.00 each!

I also heard from Mr.Simon that this whole thing took them less than a year to build 
and everything costs roughly around RM 350,000.00 - RM 500,000.00.

Check out the view from the landing platform.

A group photo with my peeps before trekking off to our spot at the beach.
I love the part where you have to do trekking up and down the trail!

Another info for those who have kids that they would like to bring along to the Coral Flyer,
you can get in on the fun by zipping in Tandem with your kids 
OR you can get one of the staffs to pair up with your kids too! 

For more info, you can hop on over to the Coral Flyer page here,
drop me an email :
Contact Mr.Simon Amos (011 2984 2023) /

L-R : Mr.Simon, Murphy, Chloe, Hayden, Me, Derrick, Tom, Meitzeu, Charlotte,
Mas, Margaret, Sherrie, Faisal, Calista and Ana.

On behalf of the bloggers,
I would like to thank Simon and the rest of the staffs for the awesome services and also
for making sure we have an awesome experience at the Coral Flyer. Thank you also for giving the bloggers the opportunity to be a part of this event! We had so much fun!

(Photo credits to Mas, Meitzeu , Borneo Frog & Simon)


  1. Best lah! Too bad on that day my best friend and her husband came from KL to Sabah for a visit, if not I really love to join you guys.

  2. Hehehe berguna kan gambar se. I usually take surrounding more than people orz. Need to take more people photo next time. Hee~ But the whole trip was super fun! Thanks for dragging me along.

  3. Yer! Yelled my lungs out!!


  4. Yea seems really-really fun. Sadly, I've never been there yet. haha.

    Bloggers in KK have a lot of fun o. :D

    Happy weekend!

  5. hi. can i share some of ur pics in sapi island in my blog? will credit to ur blog.thnks :)

  6. It was super fun! Love this post and your blog design is looking beautiful! Thank you so much friend for sharing this.

    1. Most welcome and also thank you for stopping by my blog! Will let the manager know your feedback!


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