Featured Blogger on #Kendylife

Hey guys! Guess what?
Yours truly has been a selected to be a featured blogger for Hello Sabah Month
by the famous comic blogger, Kendrick Ng aka Kendy!

This is to promote Sabah - Land Below the Wind!
Special posts will run from 13th May 2014 - 15th June 2014.

Not only bloggers will be featured but it will also be featuring about some nice places to travel,
 F&B and not forgetting the varieties of cultures that we have here in Sabah!

 Hello Sabah Month will be featuring a number of Sabahan Bloggers along with some Q&A 
to get to know the bloggers more! It was a really fun experience to be featured and also to be able 
to let people know that we Sabahans too blog and enjoy life!

As you can see above, I have been chibi-nized by the one and only Kendy!
Love the detail on my shirt and I look really cute in a skirt!
I can now climb mountains with my skirt! 

You can read more about me here

Who is Kendy?
Well, he is comic blogger from Sabah! (Sipitang to be exact)
Here is a funny story about how he started all this comic blogging thingy :

"It all began with a bunch doodle arts that I drew about myself and Natsuko (The Japanese doll). Normally I drew and gave it to my friends for fun. Seriously, I was never very good with expressing through spoken words. One day, I wanted to prepare a tiny surprise for the girl I like. Then I gathered the drawings and transform a normal diary blog to a comic blog just to impress her.

Sadly, I failed....but what happened to the comic blog I just created? Somehow it turns out to be interesting, a few of my friends started to like and share it at Facebook and Twitter! And I never stop drawing web comics since then....

It was actually my very first webcomic blog, a simple gift for the girl I like suddenly became a lot more than I had expected.....

Well, that's all for my crappy, boring story....it's time for some serious business! 
Hope you will love my comics! - Kendy "

Have always been a fan of his comic for a while now and its really an honour to be
featured on his blog!

So, be sure to check out his comics at #Kendylife!
You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest
and many more! Oh and for Android users, you can download an app called Kendylife

(Image courtesy of #Kendylife)


  1. Wah congrats!!! Climbing mountain in skirts? OMG I can't imagine that!

  2. I also want a chibisize version of me. Neways, I think I just started to follow kendylife on instagram recently. Haven't browse through the blog yet. Hee~

  3. wow ! so nice laa...I am Sabahan blogger XD


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