First Aid Course (Search & Rescue) in Maliau Basin, Sabah.

Last week, I was in Maliau Basin for a First Aid Course with 2 other instructors from Fieldskills.(Ropeskills is a sister company to Fieldskills)

We were there to train the staffs aka tree climbers/R.A (Researcher Assistant) the basics of First Aid and proper way to perform a Search & Rescue in the wild.  Maliau Basin is filled with different types of species of trees and scientist/researchers from all over the world comes to Maliau to do their research and studies. That's where the R.As have to be there to assist them and to ensure their safety as well.

(Day 1)

 All packed up and ready to go!

 My big and spooky room at the end of the guesthouse.

 The view from the balcony

Didn't do anything much on the first day as we arrived pretty late and it was already getting dark.
Unpacked and sorted out my things for the next day. It was a funny experience knowing that power would be cut off from 12am till 7am everyday and at first I didn't get use to it but eventually I did. 
It was quite cold and chilly at night.

(Day 2)

Woke up early and got ready for breakfast. One thing I loved about Maliau was you have to hike EVERYWHERE you go. Up and down the stairs to every place you need to go. 
Glad I still got to do some work out while I was away from home.

To the Dining Hall! *runs down stairs*

We started the class with a total of 22 students and 3 instructors including me.
Everyone was from everywhere in Sabah and it was quite fun getting to know them.

Fractures, bandaging and compressing.

Quite happy with how fast the students were learning.
Many were quite confused but glad they managed to cope.

 (Day 3)

Today is all about Team work. 
Here is where we teach them the proper way to recognize a fractured spine and how to deal with the problem. With this, they would know what to do when it really happens some day.

 Team Log Roll

After a quick lesson on that, we gave them a scenario where they have to search for the victim in one of the trails and they have to find out what happen to the victim.

Unding , a friend of mine played the victim.
The situation was his head got hit by something and was bleeding a lot, a snake bite on his right leg and a broken leg on the left. Everyone had to perform according to what they were thought.

After all that, we head back into the class to brief them more on dealing with snake bites and fractures.
Had to teach them the proper way to wrap and bandage and thank God they finally knew what to do.

The team messing around with the stretcher.

After the class ended, I was brought to visit the Belian Camp
There I finally got a chance to cross the famous Maliau Suspension Bridge and also to see Sungai Maliau. It was such a breathtaking moment to be on the bridge and to listen to the water going down the stream.

 I even heard 12 years ago, Simon Amos  (Owner and founder of Ropeskills)  had set up his own trail which was called Belian Trail. 

 I hope to be back in Maliau to explore this trail someday.

(Day 4)

Final day of the course and this is the day we teach them how to use a compass and ways to perform a Search & Rescue in the forest. It was definitely my favourite part of the course as I was learning fast on how to do this as well. Something new for me and it was definitely one of the most important thing for me to know as well for future purposes.

When everything was done, lunch was over, it was time for the final scenario of the day before heading home. Search and Rescue as a full team to save a victim missing in the woods.

 Group photo with the instructors

Group Photo 

Everyone did so well for the course and I definitely can't wait to go back to Maliau again if I have a chance to do so. It was a very good learning experience for me and from there, I actually learn to appreciate what I have now as in Maliau, there were not much electricity, water, phones with no reception and also I was pretty lonely staying alone in the room. 

For more photos, click here
For those interested in taking a First Aid Course, do drop me an email!