New home & a new bedroom!

Hey y'all!
Here is the reason why I have been MIA-ing a lot.
My family and I have been busy with moving and renovating our new home.

Months ago, there were so much of moving and packing to do.
These past few years we have been renting and moving around a lot and trust me, its not fun at all.
After we got the news from my mum that we finally found a new home, I was super excited that I went on pinterest to search for new bedroom inspired ideas. After moving around with the family for years and now we have finally settled down in our new home!

I'm already missing my old room but hey, time for a bigger room!
This was too small and I had to cramp up everything while we were staying here.

Goodbye old bedroom.
Its time for someone else to stay here.

We moved slightly further down from where we stayed previously and luckily the moving part was not as tough as I thought it would be. Thanks to Roy,Vince, Jim and Tai for helping us out with the moving. Not forgetting Mary and Ah Chin for helping out as well. They even lend us their trucks to move everything.


Very dull and brown room with a very old and vintage looking kind of room.
Made quite a few number of changes in the room to make it feel more home.


Roy helping me out with the sticking process!

Pinterest inspired wall art!

I painted to room in this colour for a more cooling and cozy feeling and also easy to the eyes.Nothing too bright but just nice and relaxing. Something to help me with my sleep as well. Well, there you go. A glimpse of my new bedroom!


  1. I love your new room colour. Where did you buy the sticker?


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