Health and Fitness : Overnight Oats (Banana Chiaseeds)

Hey guys!
I am trying out something new.
Most of you who knows me, I am not a cook or a baker but I am always ALL about healthy eating and being healthy. 
So I wanna try to share some healthy eating tips which I think can help you guys who are planning on eating clean and healthy or just for the sake of eating.

I have recently discovered the perfect recipe for breakfast and after trying it out,
I have never been happier to finally have something that is easy and quick to prepare.

Overnight Oats (Banana Chiaseeds)
1/3 cup of Rolled Oats (I used Instant Rolled Oats)
1/3 cup of Greek Yogurt 
1/3 cup of Milk (any milk of your choice)
1 Tbspn of Honey (any honey of your choice)
1 tspn of Chiaseeds
1 Ripe Banana

Combine all the ingredients in a mason jar or any type of container with an airtight lid. 
Mix everything together, pop the lid on, and place it in the fridge for 6-8 hours (or overnight).
Once its ready, enjoy with your favorite toppings and mix it all together! (muesli or mixed nuts are my favourite to go with this).

There you go! Simple as that!

Here are a few reasons why I love this receipe :

I am a huge fan of oats and not just just oats but only the Rolled and Steel cut ones.
Both of these oats have a much crunchier texture compared to the baby oats.
So if you are the type who likes a bit of texture in your food like I do, this is perfect for u.
Perfect for those has high cholesterol. The oats will absorb the fats and not only helping you to lower down your cholesterol but it also helps with weight loss.

Chia Seeds are like tiny sesame seeds.
Rich in fiber, protein, calcium, antioxidants, and omega-3.
I usually sprinkle these seeds on almost everything I eat such as salads, smoothies, noodles, oats, etc.. Basically you can eat this with anything you like. I also love making Overnight Chia Pudding with this. I will upload the recipe real soon.

I LOVE YOGURT! Not just any yogurt but Greek Yogurt!
Its has a slightly more thicker, richer and creamier texture compared to the regular yogurt.
Its slightly more sour AND is lower in sugar too. FYI, it cost a bit more compared to the regular yogurt. So if you know how to make yogurt at home, try searching for ways to make your own Greek yogurt. That will save you time and money.

Honey is one of the most important sweetener I must have in my life.
Naturally sweet and its delicious! I prefer to use honey over sugar because of its taste.
It goes well with also almost anything! I use it in my salad dressings and puddings as well.

Bananas are something that I can't live without. Rich in potassium, fiber and super delicious!
I don't know bout you guys but I am obsessed with bananas.
I usually eat about 4-6 bananas in a day and if I can have it everyday I would.
I love making bananas smoothies, toppings on my sandwich, puddings or just a regular fruit juice.

To be honest, I wasn't a fan of fresh milk when I was a kid but as I grew older I found out that I actually love milk. Not only the chocolate ones but also the fresh full cream ones as well. I drink them with coffee, smoothies, puddings, cereal and also for my scrambled eggs. The full cream ones are always the best. Rich in calcium and taste creamier. I would not suggest the low fat ones as I understand from a few of my friends that they usually use chemicals to make it low fat so that's a no-no for me.

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Most of the things I have listed are high in fiber and easy to find so go out and be healthy!
If you like to see more healthy recipes, do leave me a comment below or even drop me an email!


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