DIY : State Canvas

Hey y'all!
Recently I came across this cute Pinterest inspired bedroom decor that showed a picture of a hand painted canvas with a map on it which got me thinking, "Why didn't I think of this? This is pretty easy to make!". So I did!
Went around to get some supplies and also asked my brother to bring back some other stuff that I needed from Singapore since they have everything there.

So here's what you need :

Canvas (Any size of your choice)
Acrylic Paint (Any colour of your choice)
Map Template (Any state of country of your choice)

X-Acto Knife (Scissors or Stationary Knife is fine too)

Liquitex (Or Mod Podge)

First, place the template on your canvas to check if its the correct size that you want. Mine was slightly too big so I traced inside the template to make it smaller.

After drafting out a new template, you can start cutting out the template using your X-Acto knife or any cutting material you prefer. Be sure to place a cutting board or cardboard underneath the template before cutting.

Note : Please be careful not to cut yourself. The X-Acto knife is really sharp.
Once its done, it should look like this!

Then, paint the canvas with blue to represent the sea or if you like it plain white, you can skip this step.
I chose a lilac colour for this so it looks more sweeter!

Don't forget to paint the sides of the canvas too!

Once that's done, set it aside to dry. It shouldn't take long for the acrylic paint to dry up.
Mine took roughly around 10 - 15 mins to dry.

Once everything is dry, use some Scotch tape to tape the template in place before painting it on.
If you are really good with painting or sketching, you can free hand this if you like.
Then start mixing the colours that you want and paint away!

After painting everything, leave it to dry again.
This should take about 10 - 20 mins to dry.

You can peel off the template once everything is dry and it should look like this!
Use a paintbrush to paint the the edges if there are any part that are not neat.

Then, I used Liquitex (which is similar to Mod Podge) to seal off the acrylic paint onto the canvas. If you dont have Liquitex or Mod Podge, you can use a spray sealant too!

*click for better view*

If you plan to get Liquitex or Mod Podge, look out for this info before purchasing it.
If you have that, then you're good to go!

You can pour this amount if your canvas is big but if its smaller, half of this amount would be enough.

Paint it on and again, don't forget the sides of the canvas!

Set it aside to dry and then you're done!

Love how it looks on my bedside table!

(Photos taken by Roy)

More DIYs coming soon!
Figuring out what to do next for the time being.