The Art Factory at CAD (Centre for Arts & Design), Kota Kinabalu

A month ago,
there was an event called "The Art Factory" that was organized at CAD and boy I was excited and hyped for 2 weeks waiting for it to finally arrive!

Its an event where all talented and gifted artists come together and showcase their works and also to sell them too. It was such a beautiful  sight when I first step foot into CAD and I seriously didn't know where to start. It might look like a small thing going on but man I spent quite a while just looking around there TRYING HARD not to spend all my money (Which I almost did).

Jacquezel Booth

They make genuine leather bags and clutches at affordable prices.
The designs are pretty simple and it can easily be matched with almost anything!

The BlackPuppeteer Booth 

I was so close to buying so many of these cute keychains and buttons!
How could you resist? Her doodles are just the cutest.

Bikin Booth

Our very own talented and gifted local jewellery maker who makes the prettiest accessories! Handmade with perfection and not forgetting her passion for doodling too!

Fabric Fanatics Booth

Ihave been a loyal follower of this blogshop for years now and I was super excited to finally meet the owner and to grab a few fabrics of my own!

It was pretty cheap and my eyes went crazy looking at all the beautiful prints and fabrics, buttons, lace and etc.. HEAVEN!

I hope these sort of events will happen more often as we have so many undiscovered talents that needs a chance to showcase their artwork and masterpieces.
I really can't wait for the next Art Factory and hope this time there will be more participants as well.

For more photos, click here!