DIY : Washi Tape Power Bank (Decor & etc)

I'm back with another DIY!
Well, currently there's this trend where people use Washi Tapes for everything.
I came up with an idea to DIY a few things with these tapes and I decided to start off with my power bank. I dropped it once and it has quite a few scratches here and there so I decided to cover it up with tapes.

So here's what you need :

 Washi Tape (Any colour of your choice)
 X-Acto Knife (or any stationary knife)
Power Bank

First, decide where and how you want to tape your power bank and then tape on!
Make sure to leave some extra tape at both ends before cutting them off.
This way you will make sure you have enough to cover which ever part that needs to be covered.

Then, use an X-Acto knife to trim off the edges.
Scissors would be too big to get into the curvy edges so a stationary knife or an X-acto knife would be perfect.

Note : Please be careful not to cut yourself. The X-Acto knife is really sharp.
Once that's done, you can tape up on the sides if your power bank is rectangular or square like mine. Mine has scratches even on the corners. So keep taping and don't forget to trim off any part that is neccessary.

This is how mine turned out!

Pretty simple right!
I also used the tapes for some other things around my room.
I taped around the edges of the switch to cover up the parts that were not painted on evenly.
A mini frame for my switches.

I even put a heart on my world map just to show where home is!


  1. Wow, you really have excellent craftsmanship. Where did you buy your washi tape?

  2. so pretty!!! It becomes really colourful and happy! :D


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