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Thailand Trip 2013 - Part III

(Day 6)

Here's the last part of my trip!
Here's Part I and Part II for those who missed it!

A day filled with the sun,sand and sea before other plans.
Went to an island which was only 15 mins away from Pattaya and before
arriving at the island, we stopped at a small jetty for some paragliding adventures!

The safety harness was super tight and I was literally walking like a penguin!

A short 5 minute ride around the whole jetty for 400 Baht/ Rm40
which I think was such a rip off BUT I have to admit I had a lot of fun.
Most of my friends know I'm quite scared of the sea but I had fun doing this!

Once we arrived at the island, my mum and I took a stroll down the beach
to check out what they have. Loads of cheap and expensive goodies.

Muay Thai shorts for sale everywhere!

Poor little sharkie..

Really cheap bikinis for sale!!

Elephant Print Beach Towel (300 Baht/ Rm30)

I bought this towel, a hammock (350 Baht/ Rm35 to 250 Baht/ Rm25)
and tribal tooth necklace (150 Baht/ Rm15).