Thailand Trip 2013 - Part I

***Warning! Massive photo uploads***

Finally! The long awaited Thailand Trip post!
Back in February, my family and I planned a trip to Thailand
 to spend our Chinese New Year there this year. My brother came back from KL
to join us on this 1 week trip. Was super excited cause Thailand is SHOPPING HEAVEN!

(Day 1)

The Chiew sisters (My mum and my aunts!)

My brother

See the resemblance?

 Royal Brunei Airlines

Mirror behind every seat!

Had to camwhore for a while

The transit in Brunei is just plain ridiculous!!
Flight from KK to Brunei only takes 20mins and the flight from 
Brunei to Bangkok, Thailand takes 3 hours. Our transit was up to 5 hours!
My brother and I decided to chill in Coffee Bean.

Hot Chocolate

Caeser Salad

Transit desk aka Zombie Hall (Waiting Hall)

After a good long 5 hours of waiting, finally off to Bangkok!
Apparently, our luggage were already in Bangkok airport 
but we were still stuck in Brunei Airport. 

The meal was quite good!
At least that made my day a little better.

 Xiao Teng, our local tour guide who speaks fluent mandarin!

We checked into the famous Bangkok Palace Hotel which is located 10 minutes away
from the famous wholesale shopping mall, Platinum Mall.
Right opposite the hotel was a really nice Spa and Massage place!
(Don't worry..Its not a hanky-panky spa place)

 Huge room!

After checking-in, my family and I went out to grab some dinner
and also to buy some mineral water to stock in the room.
The drinking water in Thailand taste a little salty for those who don't know.
I had a problem drinking their water cause' I wasn't use to the taste so
we had no choice to get other drinking water brands.

Thai Coconut (40 Baht / Rm4.00)

Very cheap right?!! The taste is just unexplainable!
Refreshing after a loooong day!

Dorayaki (15 Baht / Rm1.50)

The one with the red sticker is filled with red bean paste
and the other one with the yellow sticker is banana flavoured filled with custard!
Bought these from 7-Eleven for my light breakfast!
The 7-Eleven there in Thailand is quite similar to the ones in Taiwan!
Its like a mini cafe with WiFi, ATM machines, toilets etc..

(Day 2)

Our morning call is at 5.30am everyday!!
(We had to beat the traffic so getting up early is compulsary for everyone in the group)

Oh FYI, time zone in Thailand is 1 hour behind Malaysia time.
Woke up early to visit the famous Railway Market.
Its basically a market situated on the side on the railway tracks like literally!

Nothing much to see there honestly.
Just a regular market selling groceries and meat.

After that, we went to the famous Floating Market!
I went crazy when we arrived! Love the stuff that were sold there!

 Gula Melaka (3 packs for 100 Baht/ Rm10)

Coconut Sorbet (35 Baht/Rm3.50)

Remember this from my Kuching trip?

Coconut Sorbet (Rm2.00)

This was from the Kuching Food Festival 2012!
Of course nothing taste better than the ones from Thailand!

Had lunch at another place.
(can't remember the name of the restaurant cause' it was in Thai)
They serve really good TomYum soup!

FYI, those who love TomYum.. THAILAND IS A MUST GO PLACE!
For those who don't know what TomYum is, you can read about it here!

 Seafood Tom Yum

Sweet and Sour Fish

Headed over to MBK Mall for a little shopping time with the family.
This mall is located 20 minutes away from Bangkok Palace Hotel.

Oh by the way, do check out Naraya!
They have really pretty stuff there!

Another thing that completely caught my attention was this
 Muay Thai fight banner outside the mall!
Apparently they have this live Muay Thai fight every Wednesday night from 6-8pm.

Oh and for all you shopaholics, every night right along the whole
path from Pratunam to Platinum to other malls,
there are loads of night markets and stalls up for you!

 Yes! Things can go as cheap as 30 Baht/Rm3.
Bring a shopping cart or a really big foldable bag along.
Trust me.. you'll need it.

While I was in Thailand, I was really sick.
Literally sick for 1 full week even until I got back.
I had constipation for 3 days and fever too. I always get this bug whenever I travel.

Laxatives and Antibiotics

Drugs that I had to get from the pharmacy.
Thank God that people in Thailand also speaks English.

Tips for people who loves travelling : 
Always bring your own first aid kit as well as your own prescribed drugs/medicines
just in case you can't find them in other regions or country.

 2 sets of Elle bra (Free red Elle panties) for 2080 Baht/ Rm208,
 Naraya Shoulder Bag for 140 Baht/ Rm14, 3 pants each for 300 Baht/ Rm30,
2 Tops from Warehouse (Large stripes 200 Baht/Rm20, small stripes 150 Baht/ Rm15),
and Friendship bracelets each at 20 Baht/ RM2.  

Another info, WiFi in Thailand is NOT FREE especially in the this hotel.
(Not sure bout other hotels but trust me, its not cheap!!)
I spent 1000 Baht/ Rm100 on WiFi for 24 hours. FML
I had no choice because I was so sick that I had to stay in the hotel
so WiFi and TV was the only thing there to entertain me.

(Day 3)

Being stuck in the hotel the whole morning feeling crappy,
I couldn't resist myself from walking all the way to Platinum Mall.
Its a 10-15 minutes walk from the hotel. Sick or not I walked.
I was lonely and sad so I just got up, pop some pills, and left the hotel.

 Shopped from 10am till almost 2pm.
With too many stuff in my hands I had to grab a cab.
Thank God cab fares don't cost a bomb in Thailand.
It only cost me 55 Baht/ Rm5.50 from Platinum Mall to the Hotel!

Everything in this picture were from Platinum Mall and that was only part 1 of shopping!

Things there were really cheap!! Oh and most of these were for Closet Raid updates!
(For those of you who don't know, Closet Raid is my little blogshop
where I sell Brand New and Pre-loved stuff! Check it out here!)

Manage to get myself 2 pairs of fisherman pants too while I was shopping there!
In case you're wondering what fisherman pants are, here's a picture of how it looks like!

Very nice aye?

 Thai Omelette and Tom Yum Mushroom Soup (230 Baht/ Rm23.00)

Had this for lunch in the hotel after room service left and
 while watching TV, I had a really hard time finishing the soup.
I cleared all the mushrooms leaving only the soup!

For more pictures, click here!

There is another short food review below this post!
Do check it out if you're a food junkie!


  1. omg Thailand is totally shopping heaven!!! Hahaha I'm planning to go there in December, waiting for your part 2! :p

  2. awww is always abt shopping and food!!

  3. I did check the hotel you were staying that no free wifi provided. So I told my dad don't join that tour =P and I booked myself the hotel that comes with free Wifi. If I know you need Wifi so much, you should buy local sim card that cost 299 baht that includes with 24 hours of internet connection for 7 days and 100 baht for making call and SMS from the airport.


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