Jesselton Art Market, Kota Kinabalu City

Last weekend, Meitzeu and I went on our little girly date.
We planned to check out the Jesselton Art Market.

What's Jesselton Art Market?
Its a little art market where people sell off their handmade
 crafts, posters, tshirts, paintings, bracelets and etc.. 
This event is held once every month right opposite Suria Sabah Shopping Mall.

Bumped into a friend of mine at the art market who just did her henna.
It was only RM10 per hand. Meitzeu and I quickly browsed around to find the Henna booth.

I love big hennas so i requested for a flowery one!
Next time, I'm planning on doing a tribal one!

A picture of our henna over lunch in Sushi Tei.
Had to let it dry off for a couple of hours and washed it off with soap.
The henna can last up to approximately 1 week or more
depending on how you take care of it.

(Picture credits to Meitzeu)


  1. hmm last time i go there dont think got this.

  2. Hi Girl! Nice henna on your hand there. You can visit my page for henna appointment too. Lots of design to pick! :)


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