Thailand Trip 2013 - Part III

(Day 6)

Here's the last part of my trip!
Here's Part I and Part II for those who missed it!

A day filled with the sun,sand and sea before other plans.
Went to an island which was only 15 mins away from Pattaya and before
arriving at the island, we stopped at a small jetty for some paragliding adventures!

The safety harness was super tight and I was literally walking like a penguin!

A short 5 minute ride around the whole jetty for 400 Baht/ Rm40
which I think was such a rip off BUT I have to admit I had a lot of fun.
Most of my friends know I'm quite scared of the sea but I had fun doing this!

Once we arrived at the island, my mum and I took a stroll down the beach
to check out what they have. Loads of cheap and expensive goodies.

Muay Thai shorts for sale everywhere!

Poor little sharkie..

Really cheap bikinis for sale!!

Elephant Print Beach Towel (300 Baht/ Rm30)

I bought this towel, a hammock (350 Baht/ Rm35 to 250 Baht/ Rm25)
and tribal tooth necklace (150 Baht/ Rm15).

My OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) after coming back from the islands.

Aztec Bikini (250 Baht/ Rm25)
Basic Tank Top  (100 Baht/ Rm10)
Tribal Tooth Necklace (150 Baht/ Rm15)
Fisherman Pants (170 Baht/ Rm17) 

After recuperating from the island trip, we headed off to Gem's Gallery Pattaya.
This is where they process their famous gems, rubi, etc and sell them.
No photo taking so this is all I can show you guys!

Took this at their cafe.
These two kids love hanging out with me during the whole trip.
Naughty and funny!

We even went to see some elephants!
Unfortunately, I was too sick to enjoy this visit
as I was busy visiting the restroom due to an unpleasant stomach again.
Everyone went for an elephant ride except me. *le sigh*

Our day was filled with so many things to do!
We immediately went off to visit the famous Vine Yard called Silver Lake!
The view of the place was so BEAUTIFUL and GREEN!

I find this such a funny photo!
I thought that girl was hugging my brother but actually she was just walking
behind my brother. Her boyfriend is the guy in white with a camera.
I kept making fun of my brother saying he has an Ah Gua girlfriend.

Grape Chewy Candies

My brother and mum

Saw this Tiger Muay Thai Fight Club on the way back to Pattaya!
Finally able to see one real life Muay Thai fight club! 

Our final stop was at this mall which I can't remember the name.
We went there to visit the "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" museum.
I love Ripley's! I always watch this show on AXN back when I was in high school!

Zombie Nurse at the ticket counter!

"Waataaaa!" - Bruce Lee

Quoted T-Shirt (200 Baht/ RM20), Sunset Print T-shirt (200 Baht/ Rm20),
Anchor Print Dress (150 Baht/ Rm15), Muay Thai KickBoxing Shorts (350 Baht/Rm35),
and Muay Thai TWINS Wraps (550 Baht/ Rm55).

That's all I got from the last day of shopping in Pattaya!
Wanted to buy more but I was running low on money.

(Day 7) was time to go back home to KK!
I was looking so forward to going back to KK cause' I was so homesick, sick and tired.
Got slightly bored already in Pattaya.

Our friendly and punctual bus drivers and chauffeur!

My brother was playing Battle Cats on the bus while we were on the way to the airport.

Was so hungry after a long 1 hour ride.
Went to this one cafe/fast food look alike place
and ordered a Pork Bacon, Egg Sandwich and
Oh and also FINALLY!! PORK BACON!!

Look at that bacon!! *slurps*

In Malaysia, you can't find any pork bacon at all.
NONE at all so being able to have pork bacon in Thailand was one of the
best thing ever happened to me in Thailand.

Elephant Printed 3-in-1 Cosmetic Pouch (Small - Large size )(270 Baht/ Rm27),
Vintage Cosmetic Pouch (Medium size) (89 Baht/ Rm8.90) and 
Heart Printed Cosmetic Pouch (Small size) (69 Baht/ Rm6.90).

Bought these makeup bags from Naraya at the airport for my friends.
Really pretty and cheap stuff in Naraya!

Seriously shopping heaven in Bangkok. I'm already planning my next trip
with my climbing buddies to visit Bangkok and Krabi some time next year.
We're gonna eat,sleep,climb and shop!

For more pictures, click here!
More food reviews and product reviews coming up real soon!


  1. Sui Mak Mak,

    Your pants very nice!! And the paragliding quite cheap eh!


  2. woots can't wait to go thailand and shopping!

  3. I got a comfortable stay in Koh Samui long term rentals when I visited Thailand. It is just an awesome place to visit and to enjoy summer holidays.


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