Product Review : Ego QV Skincare

Hey y'all!
I'm back with a product review!
Its been such a long time since I did a product review aye?

Well, most of you know I have skin problems. I have acne vulgaris and really sensitive skin.
I was so depressed and frustrated when all this was happening until a point where I just don't
feel like leaving my house or even meet anyone. The worst part was all the acnes popped out
around the chin area and I sh*t you not.. IT HURTS!! 

A few months back,
Was talking a childhood friend of mine at the climbing centre
and she recommended that I try out QV Skincare products. She told me her boyfriend use to 
have really bad skin and after using QV Skincare, his skin was flawless! 
Even she was using QV Skincare products herself! She showed me what she bought 
and I made a decision to try them out. It changed my life!!!

QV Moisturizing Cream, QV Wash (Face and Body)
 and QV Face Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 30+

QV Face Exfoliating Polish

After using all these for a month, my skin looks so much better!
A few scars left and acnes disappearing fast too. 

 Let me also remind how much I love the QV Face Exfoliating Polish
This is so gentle on your skin and its so gentle that it allows you to exfoliate everyday. 
I love how this product is all fragrance free, alcohol free AND soap free.
 (Especially for QV Wash and Face Exfoliating Polish)

I threw EVERY single cleanser, toner and cream that I had previously and replaced
 them with QV Skincare products only. I realized that toners made my skin even drier than usual.
So until today, I am using the QV Face Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 30+ under my makeup and 
QV Moisturizing Cream at night before I go to bed.
Best part bout the creams, the skin absorbs it quickly and you won't feel it sticky or oily!

Dermedex DD Cream

This is the most amazing DD Cream ever! 
Its works as a foundation, concealer, sunscreen, 
and the best part is that it INSTANTLY reduces the redness of the acne/pimples.

Also, it does not clog your pores too!
Dermedex is known for its amazing powers to cure acne problems!
You can google about it!

Anyways, moving on to the photos..
Here's how I look like before using QV Skincare products..
(Had to use filter last time so it doesnt look that bad)


Notice most of the acnes and scars are on my forehead and chin area.
(I like cam-whoring in the car just in case you're wondering)


This was taken in February 2013

This was taken 2 weeks ago 

I used QV Face Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 30+ 
before applying Dermedex DD Cream. 

This was taken last Sunday

I used QV Face Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 30+  right before applying
 Nivea Sunscreen SPF 30+(Waterproof) before heading out to snorkel.

This was taken yesterday and no filters at all.

I used QV Face Moisturizing Day Cream SPF 30+
under the Dermedex DD Cream, applied mascara and blusher.
A little tanned from my island trip but who cares!
 My skin is all better now!

Cant stop saying how much I love QV Skincare products!
You can buy them in Guardian and Pharmacies but I would recommend the 
Cosway Pharmacy cause' its cheaper for members. Rm30 only to sign up for a membership!
QV Skincare products prices in are quite reasonable so be sure to survey
around before purchasing them.

You can read about QV Skincare products here!
Loads of cool stuff to read about and also some of the products 
that they have are not available in Malaysia.
They even have solutions on what is the right combination of QV Skincare
products to use for certain problems.

(Picture credits to Meitzeu)

Hope you enjoy this product review!
More product reviews coming up real soon!

***This is not a sponsored post. Everything I reviewed about is based on my own personal opinions. Some of these products might not work for you but it did for me and so again, this is based on my personal opinion and things that works for my face and skin.***


  1. Can I know where you get the exfoliating polish? It seems like not available in Malaysia


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