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Thailand Trip 2013 - Part II

***Warning! Massive photo uploads*** 

(Day 4)

Here's part I of my Thailand trip for those who missed it!
After a whole day of rest in the hotel, woke up early the next day for an awesome breakfast!
My tummy felt a little better and at least I got my appetite back.

 Had something healthy to start my day!

After breakfast, we head out to shop some more!
According to the schedule, we had a whole day to ourselves
to go shopping or something.

Headed back to Platinum Mall again for part II of shopping

Teriyaki Chicken (500 Baht/ Rm5.00)

Pork Glass Noodles (750 Baht/ Rm7.50)

This was really good!
At first it tasted a little weird but after a while you'll get use to the taste.

We walked further down to Central Mall which has a huge I-Setan sign on it.
This is a mall which sells branded items and stuff.

My all time favourite brand, Cath Kidston!

I was on a hunt for a new purse as my old one was falling apart.
My eyes were sparkling when I saw this shop!
Quickly ran into the shop ignoring my brother and aunts for a while.

If you notice, some of the angles in the photos are a little off.
That's because we're not allowed to take photos of the place but I managed to
steal a few snaps when I was walking around inside.

After buying my purse, I came out and saw this massive crowd.
Really loud,rude and annoying tourists from China.
(Not being racist here but trust me they're f*ckin' annoying!)

They were pushing and pulling, grabbing things, and shouting.
The worst part is they love cutting the queue. Such inconsiderate people!

Oh if you're wondering what shop was I talking about, it was Naraya in Central Mall.

My brother and I were walking around and we spotted this..

A wild vending machine appeared!

Nescafe Coffee (14 Baht/ Rm1.40)

Cooling Grass Jelly (14 Baht/ Rm1.40)

Thai Cola (16 Baht/ Rm1.60)

Came out of the mall for some fresh air and saw this Flash Mob!
It was seriously like the ones I see on tv!

Oh did I mention? It was Valentine's Day when this happened!
After the flash mob was over, a guy came out with a bouquet of roses and proposed!
The girl was so stunned and she said Yes!

Moving on..
We went to Din Tai Fung Restaurant for early dinner.

Din Tai Fung is a restaurant famous in Taiwan!

Awesome service!
They gave us this small basket to put our bags instead of putting them on the floor!
Two thumbs up for friendliness and cleanliness!

Cold Bean Sprouts, Glass Noodles and Vege Mix 

Xiao Lung Bao (Pork)

We had three different Xiao Lung Bao.

Ji Rou Xiao Lung Bao (Chicken)

Yu Rou Xiao Lung Bao (Fish)

Dried Shrimp Dumplings

Black Sesame Pau

Red Bean Pau

Fried Duck Meat Popiah

Dried Soy Sauce Noodles

3 denim shorts (300 Baht/Rm30 each), 2 tshirts (300 Baht/ Rm30 each),
2 bikinis (Aztec Print (250 Baht/Rm25) & Floral Print (200 Baht/ Rm20)),
Black Bermuda Shorts (200 Baht/Rm20),Cath Kidston Floral Purse (1,880 Baht/ Rm188),
 Ipad Mini Cover and Stylus (700 Baht/ Rm70), Naraya Pouch (40 - 100 Baht/ Rm4 - Rm10).

My shopping hauls for the day!
Satisfying day indeed for the sick girl!

(Day 5)

Checked out from Bangkok Palace on Day 5 cause' we were going to be staying in Pattaya.
Pattaya is also known for being called "Ghost Town".
Before that, we went to the Tiger Zoo and boy was I excited!
I just love tigers and well..I love tigers! I wish I had one like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin!

*Image source from Google*

This made me miss climbing SO MUCH!!

Can you see me?

I got so freaked out when I saw this!
They call her the "Queen of Scorpions" and I can see why..

Got my photo taken for 150 Baht/ RM15.
Couldn't resist them tigers!! I had to take pictures with them!

Drinking water

We went to visit Big Bee (Bee Farm) and gosh I was shaking
when I heard that we're gonna be seeing bees. I am so scared of bees!!
Besides spiders, bees are the 2nd thing on the list that scares the hell outta me!

Can you spot it?

Brave mummy!!

Bee Pollen

Bee nectar and honey cream that they claim to help
with skin whitening and rejuvenating.

The happy hyper chubby family in the group!

Alright, back to the Pattaya part about it being called "Ghost Town".

Why "Ghost Town"?
Because in the day time, the whole town looks deserted and almost everywhere is closed.
By night, its just like Las Vegas! Very lively at night, people drinking everywhere,
stalls for night markets everywhere, tourists walking around with Thai chicks.

Oh and also, Pattaya is famous for tourists (especially white guys) looking for ugly Thai chicks.
I'm not kidding! I heard this from the tour guide and he wasn't kidding when he said ugly!
Literally road kill ugly!! Me brother and I bumped into a few couples and we were shocked!


 Anyways, moving on..
We checked into a really nice hotel called "All Seasons" hotel and seriously I LOVE THIS HOTEL!
It has this really nice beach theme interior and the view from my room was quite okay.

View from my room!

*Click for better view*

Oh and you know what, they still have Channel [V]!
In Malaysia, Channel [V] has been cancelled many years ago on Astro.

Pretty drinking water  bottle in Thailand!
In every hotel in Thailand, you are required to keep the cover of the bottle
back once you've finished drinking the water so they can reuse the bottle.
If you don't, they will considered it as sold.

My purse from Cath Kidston

After a short break in the hotel, we got ready and headed over to
 Alcazar to watch the "Ah Gua" show.

Ah Gua means transexuals or Pondan
  (that's how we call it in Malay).These Ah Guas are damn pretty!

Okay, maaaybe not this one..

This one is like the prettiest among all!
She looks so Korean!

But be careful if you want to take photos with them.
You don't ask how much but they demand the amount from you
so if you already took some pictures with them better pay up or they will call in security.

ALL of them on stage are Ah Guas!

The show was really amazing!
Kick ass lightings and really nice performance!

Dinner was just okay.
Was starting to get bored of Thai food already cause'
 everything is the same everywhere.

For more pictures, click here!

Part III will be up real soon!
The last part of my trip!

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