Aroma Bistro & Steak House, Market 88, Kepayan

A couple of weeks back, Meitzeu and I had lunch together with my mum
at Aroma Bistro & Steak House in Kepayan area.
Mum had to check out some work site so decided to grab lunch nearby
 instead since this was the nearest. 

Loving the setup and atmosphere here.
Love how bright the place is during the day too! 

 Honeydew Juice (Rm4.90)

 Mushroom Soup (Rm8.00)

Love the texture of the soup.
Thick and creamy blended mushroom soup.
Goes really well with their slice of Garlic Bread.

 Club Sandwich (Rm12.90)

I love the taste of the sandwich.
The egg mayo, the ham and everything else just go so well together!

Nothing beats freshly fried french fries.
Not too oily and not too dry.
Just nice and crunchy. 

Grilled Butter Fish (Rm24.90)

Not really a fan of this because I don't really fancy the taste of the fish.
The creamy sauce on the other hand was really good.

Head over to Suria with Meitzeu to do some window shopping and also to chill.
Its been a while since I've done an OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post aye.

White top - Bangkok
Denim shorts - Bangkok
Moccassin Pumps - Maylana
Tribal Necklace - Bangkok
Nautical Bag - Hong Kong

Super love my tribal necklace from Bangkok!


  1. grilled butter fish attracted me the most! =D yum yum! =D but not sure hows the taste since u dont fancy it.

  2. Love mushroom soup that's thick like the one in your photo :P and the serving of the grilled fish is quite thick.


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