Rock On 4 2013 (Rock,Chalk & Climb), Fairy Cave, Kuching (Part I)

*** Warning! Massive photo upload***

Last month,
a bunch of us climbers went on a climbing trip to Kuching, Sarawak
for the Rock On 4 2013 Climb Fest. You can read bout my previous trip here and here!
The group was smaller last year as most of them couldn't make it but this year we had a bigger group!
It was a 5days 4 nights trip again this year and it was so awesome!

(Day 1)

We bought the earliest flight to Kuching and bought a midnight flight back
as it was the cheapest flight available that time.
Manage to rent a car for Rm90 per day and man that is cheap!

Once we arrived, some of the group went camping and some of us checked in to
Nomad B&B homestay and it was really good to see Chris (the owner) again.
Unpacked our luggage and bagpacks and headed off to Fairy Cave in Bau.
1 hour drive from Kuching town and it feels really good to be back.

Met up with Malcolm and it was good to see him.

Didn't climb on the first day and we crashed really early.
Had to get our power sleep before a long day of climbing the next day.

(Day 2)

Team SICC in orange

Me in yellow!
That was the only shirt that fit me. The orange top was too big for me.

Roy studying the Climbing Guide Book

Stalls all set up for the event.

This is Jay Koh from Singapore.
An international climber sponsored by The North Face and it was
such a great opportunity to see him climb.

We head over to the Tiger Wall to climb as Batman Wall was packed with people
and people doing some rehearsals.

Danny and Jason came down all the way somewhere in Sarawak by bus
to join this event. It was their first time attending this event.

Here's Yours Truly taking on Thanks Andy route, grade 6A+ at the Tiger Wall.

Little cuts I got on the first day

Tiny rope burn

Andy and Roy

After a long day of climbing, we head back to the homestay and rested.
Before that, we headed down to the airport to pick up Gg who decided to
join us the very last minute and it was good to have her around!
We chilled by the Waterfront, grabbed supper and watched some street performance.

(Day 3)

Vince and the rest climbing really early while Roy and I showed up a little later.
Vince and Din went multi-pitching while the rest climbed the Batman wall
and Nepenthes Wall in Fairy Cave.

Din and Ronie setting up the slackline.

Gg and Danny

Roy caught a big fish!

Candid shot by Danny

Here I am taking on Jitam Rodeo route, grade 6B at the Batman Wall

Mr.Andy Popeye

The man behind the scenes who does all the bolting and cleaning
for the walls in Fairy Cave. He's an awesome climber!

Group Photo of us all before our Welcoming Dinner with the Rock On people!

Here are some awesome shots taken by my friend, SK Jong
who dropped by to see the event and it was good to see him after 1 whole year.

The whole view of Batman Wall.

For more pictures, click here!
Be sure to check out SK Jong's blog for more awesome photos!

(Picture credits to Danny and SK Jong)

Will be back with part II real soon and guess what?
I'll be off to Sandakan again for my 2nd Berhala Island Trip!
I'm so excited and I can't wait!


  1. haiya u so actively climbing sure ur arms way bigger than mine liaw.... haha... teach me some skills when i get back to kk ok? :)

  2. Heyya, nice blog.. it has since stopped raining and now everything is nice dry and with lots of friction. Should have been like this at RO4.

  3. Woot! Saw u in action at SK Jong's photo album and wow the wall is steep!

  4. fuhhh really rock on!! and you so geng laaa! i dont think i can do that! *shame*


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